International Criminal Law Round Up - Week 45

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 45 2016.


  • 10 November: ICC prosecutors say Congolese rebel leader coached witnesses from prison, Reuters
  • 9 November: Bemba Notice of Appeal for Art. 70 Judgment, ICL Media Review
  • 9 November: Fatou Bensouda, Statement to the UN SC on the Situation in Libya, ICC
  • 6 November: ICTY Prosecutor Brammertz criticises Croatia’s reaction to arrests in Bosnia, Total Croatia
  • 4 November: Congo Republic parties petition government to withdraw from ICC, Reuters
  • 3 November: US military members could be prosecuted for war crimes in Yemen, The Guardian
  • 3 November: South Africa presents bill to quit global war crimes court, Reuters


  • 11 November: Mark Kersten, South Africa and Burnundi withdrawals expose faults and fault-lines in ICC opposition, Justice in Conflict
  • 10 November: Marissa Brodney: New article explores debates inhibiting implementation of collective reparations at the ICC, Armed Groups and International Law
  • 10 November: Zachary Kaufman, Balancing principles, politics and pragmatics: US Policy-making on transitional justice, Justice in Conflict
  • 8 November: Fletcher Simwaka, Africa’s retreat from ICC is about impunity, not dignity, The Washington Post
  • 8 November: Jennifer Schense, Two steps forward, one step back: The deterrent effect of international criminal tribunals, Armed Groups and International Law and see the report here
  • 7 November: Beth van Schaak, Atrocities prevention experts report released with concrete recommendations for the next administration, Just Security
  • 6 November: Thierry Cruvellier, The ICC, Out of Africa, The New York Times
  • 3 November: Christian de Vos, The politics of departure: Africa and the ICC, Relief Web  
  • 3 November: Ambassador Tuvako N. Manongi, Africa: ICC needs to promote dialogue with African states for prosperity, AllAfrica


Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, The African Union and the International Criminal Court: counteracting the crisis, International Affairs

Published Nov. 11, 2016 1:54 PM - Last modified Nov. 11, 2016 1:56 PM