International Criminal Law Round Up - Week 47

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 47 2016.


  • 24 November: Burundi says will not cooperate with UN investigation into violence, Reuters
  • 23 November: Cambodian court upholds life sentences for Khmer Rouge leaders, The Guardian and iLawyer and Reuters
  • 23 November: Under fire, ICC prosecutor says to uphold fight against atrocities, Reuters
  • 22 November: Landless Cambodian farmers look to ICC for justice, Reuters
  • 22 November: View from The Hague: ‘The ICC bleeding has stopped’, Daily Maverick
  • 22 November: US authorities extradite war crimes suspect to Bosnia, FoxNews
  • 22 November: ICC Prosecutor: African states leaving court is ‘regression’, NYT
  • 22 November: President of Human Rights Council appoints members of commission of inquiry on Burundi, ReliefWeb
  • 21 November  Duerte’s threat to withdraw from the Philippines from the ICC marks further shift East, SEA Globe
  • 21 November: Botswana reaffirms ICC support, Weekend Post
  • 21 November: Rwandan genocide suspects extradited from Netherlands face court, Reuters
  • 21 November: Meeting on North Korea human rights abuses convenes in The Hague, UPI
  • 21 November: Rwandan catholic church apologises for role in genocide, Jurist
  • 18 November: Judge rejects motion to dismiss charges against Rios Montt in the Dos Erres Massacre Case, IJM
  • 17 November: German prosecutors charge Syrian man with war crimes, Fox News


  • 25 November: Mark Kersten, The clock is ticking- keeping South Africa in the ICC is a tall, but not impossible, order, JiC
  • 24 November: Kirsten Stefanik, Women on the ICC bench: Moving forward and leading the way, IntLawGrrls
  • 24 November: Claire Magnoux, Savoir profiter de la pluie ou comment la crise actuelle pourrait être bénéfique à la Court pénale internationale, IntLawGrrls
  • 24 November: Rachel Kilean, Supreme Court quashes some convictions, but upholds life sentences in ECCC’s Case 002, Beyond the Hague
  • 24 November: Jessica Dufresne, Recontre inspirante avec Richard Dicker, IntLawGrrls
  • 23 November: Kirsten Stefanik, ICC Assembly of State Parties: Children and conflict, IntLawGrrls
  • 23 November: Oliver Windridge, Clarifying the Alternative: International Criminal Justice Options for AU Member States, Opinio Juris
  • 23 November: Patryk Labuda, Africa and the ICC: Shattered Taboos and the Status Quo, EJIL Talk
  • 22 November: Matthew Omolesky, Has Putin finished off the ICC? Spectator
  • 22 November: Darryl Robinson, Feeling a way forward for international justice- ICC, Africa, and the World, EJIL Talk
  • 21 November: Njonjo Mue, ‘We stay. We respond.’- A speech on Africa and the ICC, JiC
  • 21 November: Sergey Sayapin, Russia’s withdrawal of signature from the Rome Statute would not shield its nationals from potential prosecution at the ICC, EJIL Talk
  • 18 November: Melanie Klinker and Alexandra Lily Kather, The legal protection of mass graves, EJIL Talk
  • 18 November: Kofi Annan, State impunity if back in fashion- we need the international court more than ever, The Guardian


Douglas Irvin-Erickson, Raphaël Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide, UPP

Elmar Widder, A fair trial at the ICC? Human rights standards and legitimacy, Peter Lang

Symposium on the ICTY and ICTR: Broadening the debate, AJIL Unbound

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