International Criminal Law Roundup - Week 20

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 20, 2017.


18 May: Ntaganda to testify for weeks in his own defence, IJM

17 May: Chea challenges forced-marriage claims, Phnom Penh Post

17 May: Concern as Sudan leader wanted for war crimes plans Saudi trip alongside Trump, The Guardian

16 May: Chechnya accused of ‘gay genocide’ in ICC complaint, BBC

16 May: Kosovo Serb man accused of war crimes, ABC news

16 May: Rodrigo Duterte accepts he could face ICC over drug killings, The Independent      

16 May: No stay of proceedings in Ntaganda trial, IJM

12 May: Issuance of third edition of Chambers Practice manual, ICC

12 May: Judges decline to suspend reparations process in Bemba case, IJM

12 May: U.N. torture committee wants Afghan general prosecuted, Reuters

10 May: Austria jails Syrian rebel fighter for killing soldiers, Gazette


Fatalism, denialism and the protection of human rights, JiC

Ekaterina Kopylova, Bemba, et al. Sentencing Decision: A victory with a bitter taste, Opinio Juris


Prosecutor v Mladic, Decision on urgent defence motion for provision release, 11 May 2017

Prosecutor v Mladic, Decision on Vujadin Popovic’s defence request for access to confidential materials in the Mladic case

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Published May 19, 2017 9:53 AM - Last modified May 19, 2017 1:43 PM