Overview of master thesises handed in at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Oslo

This overview includes thesises dealing with international investment agreements. It includes thesises of 30 credits (one semester, limited to 18,000 words) and 60 credits (two semesters, limited to 40,000 words). It is not exhaustive. If you know of other thesises than those mentioned here, please inform us by e-mail to o.k.fauchald@jus.uio.no.

Paleckaite, Gintare: Regulatory changes to renewable energy support schemes: An international investment law perspective (2014).

Zaprazna, Katarina: The Impact of Corruption on a Tribunal's Adjudicative Power in Investor-State Disputes under the ICSID Regime (2014).

Mironova, Valeriya: The Application of the Agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Norway and the Government of the Russian Federation on Promition and Mutual Protection of Investments (2014).

Osmonov, Ulukmyrza: Public Interests in International Investment Law (2014).

Adetiloye, Idowu Adejoke: The Role of International Investment Law in Renewable Energy Investment; Focus on Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Contracts (2014).

Klevstrand, Agnete: The application of the Norwegian CFC legislation on Norwegian investors in developing countries that grant tax incentives (2014, in Norwegian).

Mollestad, Cristoffer Nyegaard: See No Evil? - Procedural Transparency in International Investment Law and Dispute Settlement (2013). This thesis has subsequently been published here.

Acedo Betancourt, Teresita: When may foreign investors lose the protection of investment treaties due to misconduct? (2013). This thesis has subsequently been published here.

Brannan, Victoria Anne: Loss of Protection: Denial of benefits under International Investment Agreements due to investor human rights violations (2013).

Morchiladze, Tamar: Impact of Investment Wrongdoing on Arbitration Proceedings: How Far Should an Investment Wrongdoing Get? (2012).

Olsen, Steffen: BITs, ICSID and International Arbitration : Can BITs be invoked under ICSID in protection of International Arbitration? (2012).

Argyropoulou, Venetia: Sovereign Default and Portfolio Investor's Remedies: The Greek Default (2012).

Ekeberg, Emilie: Small open economies and the rise of the rest : A study of Nowegian politics on bilateral investment agreements towards China (2011).

Jakobsson, Patrik Nils: Most Favoured Nation Treatment Application in International Investment Arbitration : A Study on Conflicting Precedence in International Dispute Settlement Procedure (2011).

Kværner-Svendsen, Øystein: Proportionality in International Investment Law: Are we there yet? (2011).

Furnes, Cecilie Victoria: "In accordance with domestic law" - States' freedom to regulate vs. the investors' interest in predictability (2009).

Leonhardsen, Erlend: Legitimacy and the Limits of Regulatory Measures: The Margin of Appreciation and the Principle of Proportionality in Investment Treaty Arbitration (2008). This thesis has subsequently been published in Journal of International Dispute Settlement.

Langtvedt, Nils C.: Are Definitions of Corporate Nationality in Bilateral Investment Treaties Applied by International Tribunals in Accordance with the Treaties’ Purposes? (2007).

Zabielski, Kamil: Clarifying Standards for Exclusion of Companies from Publicly Administered Investment Funds : Understanding the Scope of Complicity in Human Rights Violations by Companies (2006).

Norum, Margrethe Reinertsen: The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in International Investment Treaties (2005).


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