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Human Rights and Development

This thematic group studies how human rights protection and implementation are advanced or obstructed by development policies by states, international institutions, and private commercial and non-commercial actors.

Illustrative Event: -Vi trenger mer enn juridiske og politiske instrumenter, sa SMRs direktør, Inga Bostad, i sin innledning til et seminar med et særskilt internasjonalt og bistandsorientert perspektiv på rettighetene til mennesker med nedsatt funksjonsevne. Bostad til venstre, og seminarleder Bård A. Andreassen sittende.(foto: CBA) 

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About the group:

The group is multidisciplinary and addresses issues that range from the local to the global. One of the main goals of the group is to create an academic environment in which human rights-based approaches to development can be empirically tested and conceptually refined.  Within the period 2011-2014, we have special interest in business and human rights, disability rights and corporate responsibility.

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