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  • Eide, Wenche Barth & Eide, Asbjørn (2016). Regulations under international human rights law and under EU law - two different regimes that could be better harmonized?: the case of food and health. European Journal of Risk Regulation.  ISSN 1867-299X.  7(4), s 728- 732
  • Eide, Asbjørn (2015). An overview of the UN Declaration and major issues involved, In Ugo Caruso & Rainer Hofmann (ed.),  The United Nations Declaration on Minorities : an academic account on the occasion of its 20th anniversary (1992-2012).  Brill Nijhoff.  ISBN 9789004251557.  Chapter 4.  s 66 - 86
  • Eide, Asbjørn (2015). From prevention of discrimination to autonomy and self-determination: the start of WGIP, achievements gained and future challenges. Gáldu čála.  ISSN 1504-4270.  (2), s 98- 120
  • Eide, Asbjørn (2015). Working paper on the relationship and distinction between the rights of persons belonging to minorities and those of indigenous peoples. Gáldu čála.  ISSN 1504-4270.  (2), s 122- 129
  • Eide, Asbjørn (2014). United Nations standard-setting regarding rights of minorities and indigenous peoples. Europa ethnica.  ISSN 0014-2492.  71(3/4), s 51- 61
  • Eide, Asbjørn & Skre, Alf Butenschøn (2013). The human right to benefit from advances in science and promotion of openly accessible publications. Nordic Journal of Human Rights.  ISSN 1891-8131.  31(3), s 427- 454 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.

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  • Eide, Wenche Barth; Torheim, Liv Elin; Løvhaug, Anne Lene & Eide, Asbjørn (2017). Progress in defining and promoting respect for human rights in the food and nutrition-relevant business sector. UNSCN News.  (42), s 95- 101
  • Tømte, Aksel; Eide, Asbjørn; Eide, Wenche Barth & Erdal, Marit (ed.) (2017). Investments and Land Rights : the role of the private sector in ensuring responsible governance of tenure. NCHR Occasional Paper Series. 8/2017.
  • Torheim, Liv Elin; Eide, Wenche Barth; Granheim, Sabrina IDO; Oshaug, Arne; Roalkvam, Sidsel; Afrim-Narh, Abraham Tetteh & Eide, Asbjørn (2014). “Big Food”challenges: Can the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights serve to promote the human rights to adequate food and health?.
  • Ooms, Gorik; Brolan, Claire; Eggermont, Natalie; Eide, Asbjørn; Flores, Walter; Forman, Lisa; Friedman, Eric A; Gebauer, Thomas; Gostin, Lawrence O; Hill, Peter S.; Hussain, Sameera; McKee, Martin; Mulumba, Moses; Siddiqui, Faraaz; Sridhar, Devi; Van Leemput, Luc; Waris, Attiya & Jahn, Albrecht (2013). Universal health coverage anchored in the right to health. Bulletin of the World Health Organization.  ISSN 0042-9686.  91(1), s 2- 2 . doi: 10.2471/BLT.12.115808

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