Personer med emneord «Maritime Law»

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Bilde av Ellen  Eftestøl Eftestøl, Ellen Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, Dr. Jur. +358(0)0504482557 +358(0)504482557; e.j.eftestol Maritime Law, Contract Law, Transportation Law, Commercial agency, Nordic, Europe
Bilde av Hans Jacob Bull Bull, Hans Jacob Professor emeritus +47 / 22 85 97 50 +47 / 920 37 884 Maritime Law, Petroleum Law, Insurance Law, Marine Insurance, Nordic, Europe
Bilde av Thor Falkanger Falkanger, Thor Professor emr. +47-22 85 97 43 Maritime Law, Property Law
Bilde av Erling Selvig Selvig, Erling Professor emeritus 22859745 906 874 99 Maritime Law, Petroleum Law
Bilde av Trond Solvang Solvang, Trond Professor +47 22859672 +47 94261969 Contract Law, Tort Law, Maritime Law, Legal method, Nordic
Bilde av Sara Tesfai Tesfai, Sara Førstekonsulent +47 22859298 Maritime Law, Studieadministrasjon, LLM
Bilde av Amund Bjøranger Tørum Tørum, Amund Bjøranger Professor +47 22859291 Insurance Law, Maritime Law, Arbitration, Law of obligations and contracts Comparative Law, Legal history Construction law: Offshore and onshore construction, Shipbuilding, Infrastructure projects, Offshore wind farms PPP/PFI contracts, Joint Ventures, M&A, Mergers and Aquisitons Law, Contracts, Insurance law and reinsurance contracts, Petroleum law Arbitration law, Civil procedure
Bilde av Erik Røsæg Røsæg, Erik Professor +47 22859752 +47 48002979 Third Party Interests in Private Law, Liens and mortages, bankruptcy, Maritime Law, Law of the Sea, Arctic\; Antarctic