Persons tagged with «Archeology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bill, Jan Professor +47 22859556 +47 99887225 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Damlien, Hege Associate Professor +47 22851948 Archeology, Mesolithic, Lithic technology
Felter, Margrethe Gjedboe Head Engineer Conservation, Archeology, Exhibitions, Material analysis
Gjerpe, Lars Erik Associate Professor +47 22859368 +47 97535560 (mob) Archeology
Glørstad, Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Associate Professor +47 22851971 Archeology, Viking Age, Early Medieval Studies, Burial studies, Dress, Cultural transmission, Aesthetics and society
Glørstad, Håkon Museum Director +47-22859574 +47-99292802 (mob) Archeology
Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl Administrative Manager +47 22859471 Archeology, environmental humanities, climate, climate change, Iron Age, iron production, Settlement Archaeology, Landscape archaeology, Epistemology, resilience theory, societal vulnerability
Kallhovd, Karl Assistant Museum Director +47-22851959 +47-41568851 (mob) Archeology
Lønaas, Ole Christian Senior Adviser +47 22851854 +47 90805939 (mob) Archeology
Martens, Jes Associate Professor +47 22851852 +47 90919141 (mob) Archeology, Iron Age, Settlement Archaeology, Early Iron Age pottery, Armament in the Early Iron Age
Melvold, Stine Annette Administrative Manager +47 22851947 +47 90501207 (mob) Archeology
Persson, Per Åke Professor +47 22851916 Archeology
Reitan, Gaute Adviser Archeology
Rødsrud, Christian Løchsen Adviser +47 22859408 +47 97641562 (mob) Archeology, Iron Age, Pre-Roman Iron Age, Roman period, Migration period, Viking Age, Pottery, Tombs, Settlement traces, Marketplaces
Samdal, Magne Senior Engineer +47 22859378 Archeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, GIS
Simonsen, Margrete Figenschou Researcher +47 22851939 Archeology
Skre, Dagfinn Professor +47 22859565 +47 93029716 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Solheim, Steinar Associate Professor +47 22851907 Archeology
Stene, Kathrine Researcher +47 22851914 Archeology