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Publisert 26. apr. 2022 09:21
Publisert 5. jan. 2009 14:01
Publisert 20. sep. 2018 12:21
Photo of Dr. Torres in front of a large body of water, next to a brick path with trees on its edge
Publisert 15. aug. 2022 10:01

In June 2022, postdoctoral research fellow Natalia Torres Zuniga visited Santiago de Chile, City of Valdivia in Southern Chile, and the town of San Jose de la Mariquina (Valdivia). The visit aimed to gather information about the country's forestry industry, constitutional change and political economy. 

Publisert 15. feb. 2019 13:06

Former NCHR guest researcher, Dr. Herlambang P. Wiratraman received the 2018 Muh. Yamin Constitution Award in Indonesia in November. 

Publisert 1. okt. 2010 12:54