Persons tagged with «Cultural History»

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Amundsen, Arne Bugge Professor +47 22857629 +47 92244774 (mob) Cultural history, Folk religion, Folk memory and folklore, Rituals, Museums and Museology, Norwegian estates
Aukrust, Knut Hermundstad Professor Emeritus Rituals, Church history, Popular culture, Cultural history, Folklore, Spanish history, Cultural heritage
Bjordal, Sine Halkjelsvik Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858195 +47 90858571 (mob) Cultural history
Brenna, Brita Professor +47 22856932 +47 90937836 (mob) Museums and Museology, Cultural history, Nature and the natural, History of Science
Christensen, Arne Lie Emeritus Cultural history, Cultural monuments and preservation, Cultural landscapes, Building traditions and living
Collet, Dominik Professor +47 22858238 +47 40529481 (mob) Environmental Humanities, Early modern history, Modern history, Climate Change, Cultural history, Museum studies
Eriksen, Anne Professor +47 22856989 Cultural history, Nature and the natural, Understanding of history - memory and public policy, Museums and Museology, Medical history, Folk religion
Esborg, Line Associate Professor +47 22854919 Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Digital heritage, Ethnography, Folklore and popular memory, Fairytales and legends, Folklore Archives, Identitypolitics, History of knowledge
Fallan, Kjetil Professor +47 22858613 Art History, Design History, Cultural History, Design Studies, Modernism, Industrial Design, Material Culture, Popular Culture, Scandinavian Design, Environmental Humanities, Environmental History, Ecological Design
Garipzanov, Ildar Professor +47 22841937 Early Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, Cultural History, Medieval Culture, Political Culture, Numismatics
Hagen, Anja Nylund +47 91164716 Media and communication, Music and media, Popular culture, Social media, Mobile media, media technology, Media Use and Users, Media innovation, Media use among children and adolescents, Cultural history
Handberg, Søren Associate Professor +47 22841909 +47 94426411 (mob) Classical Archaeology, Archaeology, Cultural history, Greek and Roman History
Haugen, Bjørn Sverre Hol Associate Professor Cultural history
Heien, Greta Karoline Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858382 +47 41692774 (mob) +47 41692774 Cultural history, Folk medicine, Concepts of disease, Norwegian Folklore Archives (NFS)
Hodne, Bjarne Professor emeritus Cultural History, Cultural heritage, Folklore and popular memory, Rituals, Nationalism
Hodne, Ørnulf Gjesteforsker 228 56990 Cultural History
Jacobsen, Stine Alling Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854914 +4550129181 (mob) Cultural history
Johannsen, Dirk Professor +47 22844076 +47 40720190 (mob) Cultural history, Popular Religion, Witchcraft and magic, Narrative cultures, Fairytales and legends, Cognitive Anthropology, Environment and religion, Environmental Humanities
Jordheim, Helge Professor +47 22856904 +47 99625253 (mob) Cultural history, Global history
Kjesrud, Karoline Associate Professor +47 22851853 +47 91829094 (mob) Medieval Studies, medieval art, medieval literature, old norse philology, cultural history, plants, botany, farmlife, horses, human-animal
Lishaugen, Roar Associate Professor +47 22845883 +47 94813443 (mob) Czech, Czechia, Central Europe, History of reading, Book history, Cultural history, Literature, Comparative literature
Luccarelli, Mark Professor +47 22856724 +47 67134154 (mob) English, USA, American politics, Urban studies, Sustainability, Cultural history
Mangaoang, Áine Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 2285 4758 Music and Media, Musicology, Media, Popular Music, Cultural history, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Music History, Nordic, Social media
Mønnesland, Svein Professor emeritus +47-90918960 (mob) Slavic, Philology, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Cultural history, History, Political culture
Naguib, Saphinaz Amal Professor emerita 93638309 Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Heritage Studies, Egyptology, Cultural encounters, Ancient Egyptian religion and art, Islam (m aterial culture and art)
Ohrvik, Ane Associate Professor +47 22857837 +47 40854377 (mob) +47 40854377 Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural encounters, Book History, Witchcraft and magic, Rituals, knowledge
Owen, Ingrid Robertsen Higher Executive Officer +47 22856703 +47 94084046 (mob) Cultural history, Museology and Cultural Heritage, European Culture, Student administration
Reinert, Hugo Associate Professor Time, Nature, Cultural History, Environmental Humanities, Ethnography, the Anthropocene
Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Head of Department +47 22841955 +47 97149914 (mob) +47 97149914 History, Viking Age, Vikings, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Social History, Cultural history, Church History, Christianity, Iceland, Norway, Scandinavia, Political culture
Stovner, Ina Louise Serikstad Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844513 +47 92200711 (mob) Cultural history, Understanding of history - memory and public policy, History painting
Streeton, Noëlle Lynn Wenger Professor +47 22859323 +47 99321185 (mob) Conservation, Cultural Heritage, Painting, Art Technology, Material Culture, Cultural History, Theory, Middle Ages, Scandinavia, Church History, Social History
Thorsen, Liv Emma Professor Emerita Cultural history, The Cultural History of the Dog, Animal Biographies, Animals and Materiality
Varutti, Marzia Associate Professor +47 22856992 Museums and Museology, Cultural History, Indigenous Peoples, Material culture, Taiwan, Norway, Canada (British Columbia), Belize.
Vervaet, Stijn Associate Professor +47 22856710 +47 48506450 (mob) Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Yugoslav literature, Balkans, Central Europe, Memory Studies, Comparative literature, Cultural history, Multilingualism
Ødemark, John Professor +47 22844869 +47 95007214 (mob) Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural Translation, Translation, Medical Humanities, History of Science and History of the Humanities, Latin-America