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Publisert 13. nov. 2020 12:42

Together with the Asia-Europe Foundation NCHR organised an online training on investigative interviewing during the months of September and October. 

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Publisert 10. nov. 2020 09:59

– The Convention has improved the protection of human rights in Europe, as well as strengthening the rule of law and the democracy, says Erik Møse, who spent seven years as judge in the European Courts of Human Rights.

Publisert 26. okt. 2020 15:00
Publisert 26. okt. 2020 09:24
Publisert 16. sep. 2020 10:37

Chapter written by professor and director at PluriCourts, Geir Ulfstein.

Publisert 10. sep. 2020 09:22

Both joined PluriCourts this summer, as researchers in political philosophy and legal theory.  

Publisert 28. aug. 2020 11:30

Special issue edited by Geir Ulfstein, Morten Ruud and Andreas Føllesdal in International Journal of Human Rights.

Publisert 19. aug. 2020 15:05

Research Group International Law and Governance in cooperation with Research Group Human Rights, Armed Conflicts, and the Law of Peace and Security 

Speaker: Camilla Guldahl Cooper, Associate Professor, PhD, Norwegian Defense University College 

Publisert 20. juli 2020 11:30

Juan Pablo Perez-Leon-Acevedo and Joanna Nicholson have edited a book published on Routledge. 

Publisert 20. juli 2020 11:30

Book edited by Silje Langvatn, Mattias Kumm and Wojciech Sadurski, published on Cambridge University Press.

Publisert 29. juni 2020 09:49

Freya Baetens, Nicola Strain and Emma Brandon presented updates on their research at the PluriCourts annual conference on 24 to 25 June.

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Publisert 23. juni 2020 13:54

NCHR contributes to capacity building workshop on gender and human rights for Chinese university teachers.

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Publisert 26. mai 2020 12:55

This weekend Dr. River Hustad from the NCHR International Department contributed to an international webinar about human rights protection of vulnerable groups during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Publisert 18. feb. 2020 15:31

In this guest lecture Carmen Pavel will speak about the importance of evaluating the justifiability of the Security Council - the only institution who can authorize the use of force at the international level in cases other than self-defense, and has important duties to protect human rights in situations of humanitarian crises.

Publisert 21. jan. 2020 10:02

Article by Andreas Føllesdal published in the Journal of Political Philosophy. 

Publisert 16. jan. 2020 10:39

Juan Pablo Peréz León Acevedo has co-authored an article in the Berkley Journal of International Law with Thiago Felipe Alves Pinto

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Publisert 19. des. 2019 13:55

A new NCHR supported Chinese book about Business and Human Rights in the UN System was launched in Beijing on 16 December.  

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Publisert 5. des. 2019 15:45

Members of the Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief visiting Buddhist Universities in Myanmar to lecture and engage in dialogue on Buddhism and human rights.

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Publisert 19. nov. 2019 11:48

Interviewing is a core task in law enforcement and how the police conduct interviews has a profound impact on the outcome and fairness of the subsequent criminal proceedings. This seminar will discuss the applicability of investigative interviewing in counter-terrorism efforts, discuss how it can serve as a remedy against ill-treatment, and illustrate the psychology behind this approach.

Publisert 15. nov. 2019 10:48

Article by Juan Pablo Pérez-León-Acevedo, published in Nordic Journal of International Law.

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Publisert 13. nov. 2019 15:17

Although Human Rights Education (HRE) has taken root in most countries in Asia, there is a wide range of issues that needs to be addressed regarding HRE both in Asia and in Europe.