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Publisert 4. okt. 2017 11:55

PluriCourts invites to the book launch of "Moral and Political Conceptions of Human Rights: Implications for Theory and Practice", edited by Reidar Maliks and Johan Karlsson Schaffer (CUP, 2017).


Publisert 4. okt. 2017 11:19

This workshop will explore some challenges faced by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) through informal exchanges between academics and members of the Court.

Researchers meet the Court!

Publisert 4. okt. 2017 08:51

Article by Kristel Heyerdahl, judge at the Borgarting Court of Appeal, Oslo, in Lov og Rett 07/2017 (vol. 56). Original title: "Domstolleders myndighet og dommernes uavhengighet". DOI: 10.18261/issn.1504-3061-2017-07-02.


Publisert 27. sep. 2017 11:15

PhD candidate Carola Lingaas will discuss Moria Paz' ‘On the Law of Walls’, European Journal of International Law (2017).

Publisert 27. sep. 2017 09:57

The Northwestern University, together with PluriCourts and other sponsors hosts an interdisciplinary workshop in Chicago.

Publisert 19. sep. 2017 08:32
Publisert 13. sep. 2017 15:26

This workshop will bring together scholars of philosophy, political theory and legal theory who study one or more regional and international courts and tribunals (ICs).

Publisert 12. sep. 2017 13:38

In this human rights seminar, guest researcher Petra Gyongyi compares implementation processes in Hungary and Romania.

Publisert 12. sep. 2017 11:35

Human Rights seminar with postdoctoral fellow Matthew Saul.

Publisert 11. sep. 2017 11:24

PluriCourts directors, Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Føllesdal, discuss challenges to human rights protection in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen.

Publisert 7. sep. 2017 14:54

The International Department at the NCHR hosted a seminar with guest researcher Yifeng Chen, Associate Professor at Peking University Law School and Special Adviser Wei Chen from the Economic and Social Affairs Department at the Norwegian Confederation on Trade Unions (LO).

Publisert 6. sep. 2017 14:42

On 22 August the Norwegian Center for Human Rights hosted a seminar on the legal protection and policy development against domestic violence for women, children, and the elderly, focusing on the new anti-domestic violence law in China.

Publisert 30. aug. 2017 00:00

At the initiative of the Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburg, a delegation of Russian human rights lawyers visits Oslo. Today, they will meet With human rights researchers from PluriCourts and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.

Publisert 29. aug. 2017 16:45

The NCHR hosted a panel on Human Rights of Women and Sexual Minorities in China during 'Age Agency and Ambiguity' -an international conference on gender and generations in times of social change held in Oslo this week.

Publisert 21. aug. 2017 11:53

Symposium by Professor Føllesdal in the International Journal of Constitutional Law Vol. 15(2)

Publisert 21. aug. 2017 00:00

PluriCourts welcomes Professor Jeffrey Kahn (Southern Methodist University), as a visiting Fulbright fellow for the 2017/18 academic year.

Publisert 16. aug. 2017 14:55

The 1998 UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders - and present challenges two decades after the adoption.

This year's Torkel Opsahl Lecture will be held by Jan E. Helgesen.

Publisert 14. aug. 2017 14:12

The Ryssdal seminar is an annual event which is primarily aimed at Norwegian judges. The seminar addresses the interface between international courts and Norwegian law. The seminar is co-hosted by the Norwegian Courts Administration.

Publisert 14. aug. 2017 13:58

Årets Ryssdalseminaret retter oppmerksomheten mot utfordringene knyttet til de substansielle rettighetene i Den europeiske menneskerettskonvensjonen (EMK)  og spørsmålet om EMK er under press.

Publisert 4. aug. 2017 10:36

Article by Postdoctoral Fellow Juan Pablo Pérez León Acevedo in the International Criminal Law Review Vol. 17(3).

Publisert 4. aug. 2017 09:42

This summer, leading academics and practitioners have debated the relationship between human rights and democracy in Norway in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Publisert 1. aug. 2017 11:44

Article by Professor Andreas Føllesdal in the International Journal of Constitutional Law Vo. 15(2).

Publisert 24. juli 2017 09:25

Approximately 22.5 million people have had to flee their homes due to natural disasters and climate change in 2008-2017. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Centre of International Law at Belo Horizonte, Brazil, invited Professor Cecilia Bailliet to teach Latin American students about the rights of these displaced persons.

Publisert 21. juni 2017 11:21

Article by PluriCourts Director Andreas Føllesdal in Social Epiostemology 31 (3): 224-339.