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Graphic image with course title and a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt holding the UDHR
Publisert 27. apr. 2021 12:16

We are now accepting application for the NCHR annual intensive course in human rights. Deadline May 18th.

Publisert 20. mars 2018 14:48

NCHR is pleased to announce the 2018 Intensive Course on International Human Rights.

Publisert 3. jan. 2019 10:09

NCHR's Intensive Course in Human Rights will be arranged in September 2019. 

Two course participants facing a panel of judges, who have their backs to the camera. A large window in the background.
Publisert 30. sep. 2022 14:30

After two years of digital teaching, the NCHR invited scholars and practitioners from all over the world to join us in Oslo for the annual Intensive Course on Human Rights. A week of intensive learning, network building, and exchange of experiences engaged and inspired participants and organizers alike.

Poster announcement with the title of the event and a photo of the University of Oslo's Domus Media building.
Publisert 30. mars 2022 16:08

The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights is now accepting applications for the Annual Intensive Course in Human Rights. Deadline: 24 April 2022.