Nettsider med emneord «International Law»

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Publisert 27. apr. 2021 12:16

We are now accepting application for the NCHR annual intensive course in human rights. Deadline May 18th.

Publisert 21. jan. 2020 10:02

Article by Andreas Føllesdal published in the Journal of Political Philosophy. 

Publisert 19. mars 2019 15:07

We welcome all to this lunch seminar regarding the legal processes between the Western Sahara liberation movement POLISARIO and the EU. 

Please register before March 24th

Speaker is Manuel Devers, the legal counsel of the POLISARIO Front before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Publisert 14. feb. 2019 12:51

Book launch - Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

Publisert 18. jan. 2019 13:49

The research group for International Law and Governance invites you to this afternoon meeting with Professor Christina Voigt

Publisert 18. jan. 2019 13:31

We regret to inform you that this lunch seminar has been cancelled

Publisert 14. jan. 2019 11:54

Nytt undervisningsopplegg for valgemnet JUS5911 – International Climate Change and Energy Law. 

Publisert 22. mai 2018 15:41

Was Norway's support a violation of Syrian sovereignty and a breach of the principle of non-intervention?

What is the significance of Norway's intent in supporting the paramilitary group?

Can it be justified as self-defense in accordance with article 51 UNC?

Introduction based on an article published in Klassekampen by Phd. Stipendiat Jørgen Skjold and Prof. Malcolm Langford, followed by a comment by Prof. Geir Ulfstein.

Flags of UN Member States 
Publisert 9. okt. 2017 15:34

The research group focuses both on international law in its many facets, and the internationalization of national law.

Publisert 20. sep. 2017 15:31

In her PhD project Marie Meling discusses the possibilities for restructuring of Norwegian businesses in financial difficulties. The project looks at the spectre of available solutions; private “work-outs”; use of M&A mechanisms found in company law and more traditional insolvency proceedings, both nationally and internationally. The main research question is to find out how legislation effects bargaining positions in a restructuring process.

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Publisert 30. juni 2016 15:59

Forskergruppen Folkerett og internasjonal styring foretar studier av internasjonale rettslige prosesser for å undersøke hvordan rettslige mekanismer virker over landegrensene.

Forskergruppen har engelsk som arbeidsspråk, vi har valgt å legge informasjon, nyheter og arrangementer på gruppens engelskspråklige sider

Publisert 4. mai 2015 08:50

In this PluriCourts lunch, Professor Michael Byers will focus on different issues regarding the sovereignty of the North Pole. Who controls the Northwest Passage? Who owns the oil and gas beneath the Arctic Ocean? Which territorial claims will prevail, and why — those of the United States, Russia, Canada, or the Nordic nations?  How do we protect the fragile Arctic environment ?

Publisert 4. mars 2015 14:52

PluriCourts and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights welcome you to the book launch of “Promoting Peace Through International Law”, edited by Professors Cecilia Marcela Bailliet and Kjetil Mujezinovic Larsen.

Publisert 15. des. 2014 11:13
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Publisert 12. nov. 2014 10:31

European University Institute (EUI) offers renowned doctoral programmes and is now looking for highly motivated and qualified students.

Publisert 4. okt. 2013 13:14
Publisert 12. mai 2011 11:03

This project addresses the exercise of authority by international institutions: its features, its causes and effects, and its implications.

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