Persons tagged with «International cooperation»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Boncuk, Esra Senior Executive Officer +47-22858218 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Master education, International cooperation, student exchange
Buverud, Anna Kolberg Senior Adviser +47-22858437 International cooperation, Research training, Mobility, Joint Programming, Academic Dugnad
Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47-22858490 +47-96239029 International cooperation, Research administration, NORHED, scholars at risk, External funding, NORPART, Global South, South Africa
Eldholm, Marit Project Manager +47-22858862 Project management, Research support, International cooperation, EU, Impact, External funding
Engvik, Tine Tång Adviser +47-22858410 International cooperation, Student mobility
Gjessing, Therese Senior Adviser +47-228 56118 Mobility, Exchange, Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation
Grøholt, Ellen Kristine Adviser +47-22844865 Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Recognition, Mobility, International cooperation
Grønner, Torbjørn Senior Adviser +47-22857015 Research administration, External funding, EEA/Norway grants, International cooperation, Research cooperation, Educational cooperation
Halvorsen, Ann Kristin Sørli Senior Adviser +47-22856023 EU, Research administration, International cooperation, External funding
Hoff, Tone Sindre Senior Executive Officer +47-22857620 Erasmus+, International cooperation, Student mobility
Hullstein, Svein Senior Adviser +47-22858464 +47-90868755 (mob) International cooperation, Internationalization, The Guild
Hvistendahl, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22855648 EU, International cooperation, Project management, Research support
Håberg, Siv Senior Executive Officer +47-22856074 Peace and Conflict Studies, International cooperation, Mobility, student exchange, Student guidance, recognition
Johansen, Helene Senior Executive Officer +47-22856207 International Cooperation, Erasmus+, Exchange, Mobility, Joint Degrees, The National Student Database (FS), Web publishing
Johansen, Karen Crawshaw Senior Adviser +47-22858476 +47-97578028 (mob) INTPART, International cooperation, Research policy, Research administration
Kirksæther, Jørgen Senior Adviser +47-22855618 Research support, Project management, International cooperation, EU
Kvernmo, Trine Merete Senior Adviser +47-22858458 International cooperation, Priority countries, Russia, Eurasia, Nordic countries, Arctic, Research Administration, Training and development
Kværk, Geir Senior Advisor +47 22 85 88 60 +47 99 51 37 91 (mob) Project management, International cooperation, External funding, EU, Research management, Research support
Lomsdalen, Jens Peder Adviser +47-22859857 Internationalisation, Mobility, Exchange, International Cooperation
Løken, Anette Senior Adviser +47-22854339 International cooperation, International Relations, Mobility, Student Exchange
Magnusson, Ola Anders Student Adviser +47-22845046 Administration, Student guidance, Exchange, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Admissions, International Cooperation, Joint Degree, Courses
Mellem, Gøril Senior Adviser +47-22858478 International cooperation, Mobility, Contracts, Nordplus/Nordlys
Neumann, Helena International coordinator, Student advisor +4722841956 Internationalization, Erasmus+, International Cooperation, European Cooperation, Mobility, Study Programmes, Study Guidance, Master Admission, Administration
Pope, Thea Ullhaug Adviser +47-22857420 Erasmus+, International cooperation, International relations, Student mobility, External funding
Schiøtz, Kaja Senior Adviser +47-228 58311 Recognition, Exchange, International cooperation, Mobility
Skov, Bjarne Senior Adviser +47-22 85 85 81 +47-901 82 976 (mob) Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation, International coordinator, Exchange, Mobility, Trade Union, Parat
Sogner, Ingrid Section Manager +47-22854465 +47-90663386 (mob) External funding, Research politics, EU, International cooperation, Innovation, Business, Research administration
Stokke, Olav Schram Professor +47-22845964 99609048 (mob) International environmental governance, Nordic, International relations, International Politics, International cooperation, International institutions, International Political Economy
Tso, Lai Sze Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854904 China, East Asia, Technology, Health, Medicine, International cooperation, Community Development
Ullerø, Sara Marie Adviser +47-22858497 Erasmus+, mobility, international cooperation, european cooperation, Internationalization, International Credit Mobility, External funding
Underdal, Arild Professor emeritus International Politics, International cooperation, Energy, International environmental governance, International institutions, international negotiations
Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47-22858482 +47-99389621 (mob) International cooperation, International relations, Internationalization, Student mobility, Exchange
Westheim, Anne Senior Adviser +47-22845819 International Cooperation, Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Admissions
Østmoe, Tor Ivar Higher Executive Officer +47-22855524 International cooperation, Exhange, International Coordinator, Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Philosophy