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Publisert 7. sep. 2016 10:17

Recent criticism of investor-state arbitration has characterized it as an unaccountable, special-interest-driven threat to legitimate public policy. How did we get here; where did investor-state arbitration come from?

Publisert 20. sep. 2021 13:59

Book section by Freya Baetens on CETA article 8,21 in M. Bungenberg and A. Reinisch [Eds.] CETA: A Commentary (Nomos 2021)

Publisert 18. sep. 2017 11:31

EU Commision President Juncker has suggested to carve out contentious clauses on investment protection from trade agreements. Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi provides comments on this EU Commission’s potential policy shift, which is most likely a response to recent EU law developments.


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Picture on the UN building in New York.
Publisert 27. okt. 2021 10:45

Scholars from PluriCourts are researching and attending ongoing negotiations to reform the international investment treaty system. - This is a natural experiment.

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