Nettsider med emneord «Legitimacy»

Publisert 10. sep. 2020 09:22

Both joined PluriCourts this summer, as researchers in political philosophy and legal theory.  

Publisert 20. juli 2020 11:53

Malcolm Langford, Michele Potestà, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler and Daniel Behn have edited a special issue in The Journal of World Investment & Trade

Publisert 20. juli 2020 11:30

Book edited by Silje Langvatn, Mattias Kumm and Wojciech Sadurski, published on Cambridge University Press.

Publisert 24. jan. 2020 13:48

Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen has published an article in the Journal of European Public Policy. 

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Publisert 8. okt. 2019 16:11

PluriCourts Annual Workshop on The Political and Legal Theory of International Courts and Tribunals 2020: Independence, accountability, and domination in International Courts (Oslo, July 20-21 2020).

Publisert 20. sep. 2019 13:00

Book chapter by Juan-Pablo Pérez-León-Acevedo, published in General Principles and the Coherence of International Law.

Publisert 19. sep. 2019 14:02

Julie Crutchley introduces "The International Rule of Law in Light of Legitimacy Claims" in H. Krieger et al., The International Rule of Law: Rise or Decline? (OUP, 2019)

Publisert 12. sep. 2019 13:51
Publisert 11. sep. 2019 15:55

Tommaso Pavone joined PluriCourts in the beginning of September, as a postdoctoral fellow in political science.

Publisert 6. aug. 2019 10:01

Article by Joanna Nicholson, published in Journal of International Criminal Justice.

Publisert 14. juni 2019 10:15

PluriCourts Lunch Seminar with Tom Ginsburg.

Publisert 23. mai 2019 11:36

Article by Daniel Naurin and Olof Larsson, published in International Studies Quarterly. 

Publisert 30. apr. 2019 08:37

Anthology edited by Christina Voigt

Publisert 24. apr. 2019 13:29

Laura Fischer will be a guest researcher at PluriCourts from April to June.

Publisert 27. mars 2019 16:02

Article by Geir Ulfstein, published in International Journal of Human Rights.

Publisert 26. mars 2019 13:01

Article by Antoinette Scherz, published in European Journal of Political Theory.

Publisert 28. feb. 2019 12:00

Reto Walther is a guest researcher at PluriCourts from January to June.

Publisert 8. feb. 2019 07:39

LEGINVEST and PluriCourts, in collaboration with Monash University and the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are organizing an international symposium on the legitimacy and increasingly important role for international investment law and arbitration in the protection of international human rights.

Publisert 17. des. 2018 14:27

Blog post by Victoria Skeie on the highlights from the workshop Responding to Legitimacy Challenges: Opportunities and Choices for the European Court of Human Rights.

Publisert 31. okt. 2018 14:57

By Malcolm Langford and Daniel Behn. This text was originally published on EJIL Talk!.

Publisert 26. okt. 2018 08:08

Book chapter by Geir Ulfstein in Anne van Aaken and Iulia Motoc (eds.) The European Convention on Human Rights and General International Law, Oxford University Press. 

Publisert 9. okt. 2018 10:57

Multilevel Separation of Authority - Autonomy and International Courts

PluriCourts announces a workshop that brings together scholars of philosophy, political theory and legal theory who study one or more regional and international courts and tribunals (ICs), and in particular issues concerning the multi-level ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ separation of authority, or questions concerning autonomy.