Persons tagged with «Project Management»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aaby, Bent Senior Architect +47 91721532 (mob) Property management, Signs, Web, Project management
Abe, Miona Adviser +47 22856093 Financial management, project management, Budget, Accounts
Andersen, Lena Section Manager +47 22855330 ePhorte, Project management, Archives
Andresen, Rasmus Gelting Section Manager +47 22858313 +4793838634 Research support, Organized research training, Project management
Auke, Irene Senior Adviser +47 22850600 +47 46814837 (mob) 468 14 837 Project management, Budget and applications, Project economy, Financial management, Reporting
Belardinelli, Alan Louis Higher Executive Officer +47 22857763 Project management, Process improvement
Bergstrøm, Kari Oline Senior Adviser +47 22856105 Project management, Process support
Bjureke, Kristina Lecturer +47 22851815 +47 95200804 (mob) +47 952 00 804 Continuing and further education, EU, Teaching, Project management, Museum pedagogy, Exhibitions
Blixt, Line Project management, Administration, Research support, Research cooperation
Brigg, Martha-Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 980 76 357 Human Brain Project, EBRAINS, Community Building, H2020, Communication, Project Management, Events
Buvik, Trond Senior Engineer +47 91853199 (mob) Property development, Project management
Christiansen, Helene Aalborg Adviser +47 93444396 Counselling, course instructor, Digital learning resources, Student activation, learning design, flipped classrom, pedagogy, didactics, learning technology, Canvas, Learning environment, flexible learning, Project management
Cui, Xuemei Adviser +47 22852861 Project management, Project coordination, EU project management, Research support, Research administration
Etté, Bonny Alexandre Senior Adviser +47 22851425 +47 992 36 939 Project management, Research support, Budget and applications, Project economy, Reporting
Faye-Lund, Trine Senior Architect +47 48040268 (mob) Project management
Flesland, Marianne Sinead Senior Adviser +47 22858588 +47 40220552 (mob) Financial management, Project management, Process support, Process management
Gangsøy, Renathe Senior Adviser Competence development, Leadership development, Project management, HR development, Organisational development
Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47 22854476 +47 95100467 (mob) Project Management, Process management, Process support
Haugen, Bjørn Egil Senior Adviser +47 41577657 (mob) Project management, Process support
Hvistendahl, Hilde Senior Adviser +47 22855648 EU, Project management, International cooperation, Research support
Johansen, Bente Senior Adviser +47 22844074 +47 46696176 Project management, HR development, Competence development, Working environment development, Courses
Johansen, Bjørn Vidar Administrative Manager +47 22857945 Project management, Museums, Guided tours, Exhibitions
Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen Lecturer +47 22859956 Exhibitions, Museology, Museum Pedagogy, Project management, Social Anthropology, Ethnography
Kirksæther, Jørgen Senior Adviser +47 22855618 Research support, Project management, International cooperation, EU
Kleven, Trine Administrative Manager +47 95940114 (mob) Administration, Management, Project management, Summer School, Recruitment, Communication, Web editor, SHE
Kolstad, Elisabeth Section Manager +47 22856308 +47 95037291 (mob) Application management, Project management, Counselling, Unit4 ERP
Langvatn, Kirsti Senior Adviser +47 22850512 47407857 Project economy, reimbursements and other payments, Financial management, Reporting, Budget and applications, Project management
Leira, Torkjell Senior Adviser Amazon, Biodiversity, Brazil, Climate change, Deforestation, Indigenous peoples, Human rights, Project management, Rainforest, REDD+
Ligeti, Krisztina Research Manager External Funding, Strategy, Project Management, Evaluation, EU, H2020, Horizon Europe, NFR, Proposal Writing, Research Support
Lomell, Lars Section Manager +47 22840703 Project management, organisational development, flexible learning, student active learning, learning spaces, video production
Løw, Line Senior Adviser +47 22850625 Project management, Project coordination, EU project management, Global Health, Administration, Forskerstøtte MED
Morken, Tone Senior Adviser +47 22856322 +47 95832712 (mob) Application management, Project management, Counselling, System development, Financial reports, Unit4 ERP
Munthe-Kaas, Erik Chief Engineer +47 99206503 (mob) Management, Project management, Financial control, Property development
Pedersen, Odd Erik Senior Engineer +47 22850014 +47 99223220 (mob) AV services, ICT and learning, Studio, Project management
Petersen, Stina Senior Adviser +47 22854032 Research support, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Research Communication, Project management
Pughe, David Principal Engineer Project management, IT support for education, IT support, AV services, AV, User support, User-driven innovation, User experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction design
Ratnaweera, Chandani Senior Architect +47 91832116 (mob) Project management
Rindal, Eirik Senior Engineer +47 22851872 +47 40224872 (mob) Biology, Microscopy, Annual plan, Relocation, Project management
Rustad, Brit Heidi Deputy head +47 45861350 (intern nr. 31499) (mob) Library, Leadership, Project management
Rustad, Julianne Senior Adviser +47 22841935 +47-47959930 Research school, PhD coordinator, Archaeology, ERC, Creative IPR, Project management, Modern history
Ruud, Anne-Kristin Jørgensen Adviser Project economy, reimbursements and other payments, Financial managment, Reporting, Budget and applications, Project management
Seierstad, Magnus Senior Adviser +47 22845315 +47 98180886 Project management, International Cooperation, External funding, EU, Reporting, Research administration, Research support
Skolem, Anita Elisabeth Adviser +47 22840653 Reporting, Finance, Budget, Purchasing, Project management, Accounts
Stang, Charlotte Windel Senior Architect +47 40494440 (mob) Project management, Property development
Strandh, Bente Hennie Senior Adviser +47 22855445 +47 99225848 (mob) Events, Project management, Internal communication, Web publishing, Communications
Strøm, Marianne Project Manager Exhibitions (Deputy Head of Section) +47 91390908 (mob) Exhibitions, Project management
Sørensen, Anette Administrative Manager +47 23066824 +47 97514857 Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality
Vinberg, Elina Adviser +47 22858626 +47 938 99 980 Research administration, Research ethics, Data processing, Open Access, Project management
Wang, Heidi Adviser +47 22857846 +47 48237080 (mob) Application management, Project management, Application testing management, Counselling, Unit4 ERP, OrgReg
Wiersholm, Anne Catrine Senior Adviser +47 22854867 +47 90027567 (mob) Application management, Project management, Counselling, System development, Financial reports, Unit4 ERP
Zeiner, Mikael Adviser Reporting, Project management, Project economy, Financial management, Budget and applications
Øie, Janina Frahm Senior Architect +47 41905141 (mob) Project management