Persons tagged with «South Asia»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bjerke, Lise Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858929 +47 41659754 (mob) Global health, Antimicrobial resistance, AMR, Medical anthropology, India, South Asia, food security
Chatterjee, Niladri Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858901 +47 40645178 (mob) +46-738901145 Global Health, India, South Asia, Global South, Global Governance, Asia, Postcolonialism, Bangladesh
Dewan, Camelia Begum Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855123 Environmental Anthropology, Development, Climate change, Food, rural transformations, maritime, South Asia, Bangladesh, Political ecology
Fuglerud, Øivind Professor +47 22859992 Social anthropology, Ethnography, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Diaspora, Ethnicity, Materiality and mediation, Migration, Nationalism, Rituals and Cosmology
Husstad-Nedberg, Ane Academic Librarian +47 22859162 +47 98095014 (mob) Library, Korea, East Asia, South Asia, Teaching
Ilkama, Ina Marie Lunde South Asia, India, Hinduism, festivals, Sanskrit, rituals
Münster, Daniel Associate Professor +47 90022784 (mob) Medical Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Food and Agriculture, Health and/as Ecology, Science and Technology Studies, Historical anthropology, Toxicity, Drugs and Drug Use, Postcolonial Studies, South Asia, Kerala, suicide and suicidal behaviour, Mental health, chemical ethnography, alternative agriculture
Münster, Ursula Associate Professor +47 22854976 Environmental Humanities, Multispecies Studies, Anthropocene, South Asia, Political Ecology, Postcolonialism, Extinction, Conservation, Environmental Futures
Ruud, Arild Engelsen Professor +47 22856712 +47 99533823 (mob) South Asia, India, Political culture, Bangladesh
Zoller, Claus Peter Professor +47 22858039 +47 94174631 (mob) Hindi, South Asia, India, Rituals