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Publisert 5. okt. 2020 14:17

By Elif Oral — October 5, 2020

Group photo of the conference participants.
Publisert 16. juni 2022 14:42

What are the intersections of human rights and sustainability, and how do the two agendas meet? This three-day conference invited close to a hundred participants to examine the topic from a variety of angles.

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Publisert 18. juni 2021 07:33

By Jukka Mähonen — 16 June, 2021

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By Jukka Mähonen — October 9, 2020

Publisert 11. jan. 2022 08:52

By Alan Palmiter — 11 January, 2022

Image of Mary Lawlor from shoulders up, dressed professionally.
Publisert 2. juni 2022 09:44

Human rights defenders are often on the front line of conflicts involving land and resource use and in protecting the environment. Join us for a conversation with UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, Mary Lawlor, about how the concept of sustainability might impact human rights defenders.

Painting by Lorenzetti Ambrogio titled "Allegory of Good Government".
Publisert 23. mars 2022 12:29

In this seminar, organized by GOODPOL, Jonathan Kuyper questions the effectiveness of communication and deliberation for solving asymmetric commons dilemmas.  

Publisert 15. feb. 2021 15:18

By Esmeralda Colombo, 15 February 2021

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Publisert 3. jan. 2012 13:46

The overarching theme of the research group Sustainability Law is to conduct interdisciplinary analyses of law with the aim of identifying normative solutions that contribute to global sustainability.

Publisert 8. mai 2020 12:05

By Lisa Benjamin and Stelios Andreadakis — July 5, 2018

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