Nettsider med emneord «Sustainable Development Goals»

Schematic display of the UN Sustainable Development Goals also called the SDGs. SDG number 5 and SDG number 10 are highlighted in red color and in pink color.
Publisert 8. mars 2022 07:15

The theme for the International Women’s Day this year is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. In 2022 the NCHR is developing a pilot project on gender equality, human rights and climate change to raise awareness about these issues.

Group photo of the conference participants.
Publisert 16. juni 2022 14:42

What are the intersections of human rights and sustainability, and how do the two agendas meet? This three-day conference invited close to a hundred participants to examine the topic from a variety of angles.

Publisert 12. apr. 2010 09:15
17 colorful icons representing the individual sustainable development goals.
Publisert 8. okt. 2021 10:57

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute, the Norwegian Center for Human Rights, Åland Islands Peace Institute, and Galaxy Fund recently carried out a project on "SDG and human rights localization". It examines how local authorities and civil society organizations can cooperate in human rights localization processes, where local and subnational contexts are included and considered when implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Publisert 10. jan. 2022 12:09
Screenshot of a Zoom conference with 20 small images of participants.
Publisert 23. mai 2022 13:28

Two of NCHR’s doctoral researchers, Elsabe Boshoff and Dinie Arief, presented their doctoral projects in this year’s Human Rights Interdisciplinary PhD Triangle Gathering. It was hosted virtually by the University of Essex on 26-27 April. 

Publisert 10. jan. 2022 12:04