Persons tagged with «computational physics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Flaten, Jonas Boym Doctoral Research Fellow +47 930 48 789 quantum physics, quantum chemistry, nuclear physics, computational physics, spin, coupled cluster theory, DVR
Hjorth-Jensen, Morten Professor of Physics Norway:+4748257387 (mob) Computational physics, Nuclear Physics, Computational Quantum Mechanics, Many-body Physics, Multi-scale processes, Quantum Computing, Quantum Machine Learning, Machine Learning
Leinonen, Oskar Doctoral Research Fellow Computational Physics, Quantum Computing, Many-body Physics
Moreira Soares, Mauricio Postdoctoral Fellow computational physics, simulation, prediction models, quality of life, head and neck cancer, mechanistic models, missing data
Raklev, Are Professor +47 22855079 +47 41452597 Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Computational physics, CERN, LHC, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Machine learning, Inference
Riccardi, Enrico Postdoctoral Fellow Machine Learning, Computational Physics, rare events, Multi-scale processes, chemical kinetics, transport phenomena
Schøyen, Øyvind Sigmundson Doctoral Research Fellow Computational Physics, Many-body Physics, Computational quantum mechanics
Syljuåsen, Olav Fredrik Professor +47 22855010 Physics, Theoretical physics, Computational Physics, Condensed matter physics, Strongly Correlated Electrons, Quantum Magnetism