Personer med emneord «distributed systems»

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Arbabi, Mohammad Salar Stipendiat blockchain, smart contracts, distributed systems, privacy, GDPR
Büttner, Andre Stipendiat Web Application Security, Distributed Systems, Web Authentication, Health Information Systems
Da Conceiçao, Arlindo Flavio Postdoktor +47 98435287 (mob) blockchain, distributed systems
Duguma, Daniel Gerbi Stipendiat distributed systems, blockchain, smart contracts, privacy, transactive energy
Eliassen, Frank +47 22840148 Distributed systems, middleware, self-adaptive software, Internet of Things (IoT), Edge computing, Fog Computing, Cyber Physical Systems, Energy Informatics, P2P video streaming
Garrett, Thiago Postdoktor distributed systems, blockchain, distributed ledger
Li, Yushuai Postdoktor distributed systems, energy internet, adaptive control
Sengupta, Poushali Stipendiat +47 92564187 Machine Learning, energy informatics, privacy, security, network security, distributed systems
Tapia Tarifa, Silvia Lizeth Senior Researcher 22840852 formal methods, concurrency, programming language theory, model-based analysis, microservices, distributed systems, object-orientation, modeling, resourse analysis
Thomsen, Michael Kirkedal Førsteamanuensis distributed systems, programming languages, programming language theory, de-central systems, marine, information security, security and privacy, semantics, program transformation, compiler construction