Persons tagged with «electronics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Authen, Bjarne +47 22851492 +47 99706139 (mob) Purchasing, Purchaser, Fire safety, Service, EAGLE, Electronics
Bekkeng, Jan Kenneth Associate Professor Electronics, Space technology, instrumentation
Foroughinejad, Behzad Senior Engineer +47 22857378 Electronics, Service, Instrumentation and Developer, Local Chief Safety Officer at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Grønås, Terje Senior Engineer +47 22854463 Electronics, LabVIEW
Hafting, Yngve Lecturer +47 22841691 +47 41120878 (mob) robotics and intelligent systems, electronics, FPGA, 3D-printing, digital design, VHDL, mechatronics
Häfliger, Philipp Dominik Professor +47 22840118 Life sciences, Electronics, Machine Learning, Microelectronics, Integrated circuits, Nanoelectronics, Micro-implants, USA, Neuromorphic systems
Høgetveit, Jan Olav Førsteamanuensis II +47 23 07 15 99 clinical engineering, medical technology, Biomedical instrumentation, Electronics, Bioimpedance, Surgical technology
Kjølerbakken, Kai Morgan Researcher +47 99637764 Electronics, Instrumentation, Space Physics
Kyrvestad, Olav Stanly Senior Engineer +47 22852412 +47 93401045 (mob) Electronics, Nanoelectronics and robotics, CAD, Purchasing, IT support for research, HES, IT support for education
Langrekken, Bjørn Head Engineer +47 22845853 +47 94252544 (mob) Instrument maker, Fine mechanics, Prototypes, Central workshop, Optics, Instrument service, Mechanics, Microscope service, Electromechanics, Electronics
Martinsen, Ørjan Grøttem Professor +47 22856474 Biomedical physics, Electronics, Electric properties, Bioimpedance
Ramirez De La Torre, Reyna Guadalupe Doctoral Research Fellow Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics, Electronics
Sudbø, Aasmund Professor +47 22842219 +47 97022209 (mob) Optics, photon, electromagnetic waves, Micro- and nanotechnologies, Renewable energy, SMN, Electronics, physics, UNIK
Tambs-Lyche, Truls Senior Engineer +47 22851442 +4799238726 (mob) 99238726 Electronics, Service, Intrumentation
Thorsen, Tom Senior Engineer +47 22855467 Electronics
Wikne, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22856153 +47-92285776 (mob) ALICE, Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, Electronics, IT support for research, Measurement and control systems