Persons tagged with «privacy»

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Arbabi, Mohammad Salar Doctoral Research Fellow blockchain, smart contracts, distributed systems, privacy, GDPR
Brandtzæg, Petter Bae Professor +47 22850410 92806546 Artifical intelligenc, Chatbots, Social media, Journalism, Facebook, Privacy, Algorithms, Artifical Intelligence, Social media
Charpentier, Lucas Georges Gabriel Doctoral Research Fellow Natural Language Processing, deep learning, privacy, Machine Learning
Dolonen, Jan Arild Chief Engineer +47 22840727 +47 40202461 Privacy, GDPR, Research ethics, Data processing, Data management, Education, ICT and learning, EngageLab, Learning analytics
Duguma, Daniel Gerbi Doctoral Research Fellow distributed systems, blockchain, smart contracts, privacy, transactive energy
Gruschka, Nils Associate Professor +47 22840858 Security, Privacy
Javed, Rana Tallal Doctoral Research Fellow Privacy, Ethical AI, Stream Processing
Lintvedt, Mona Naomi Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859761 +47 48151418 data protection, privacy, egovernment, cybersecurity, information security, Legal Informatics, artificial intelligence (AI), robot law
Lison, Pierre Associate Professor +47 96799812 (mob) 96799812 language technology, dialogue systems, privacy, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing
Owe, Olaf semantics, object-orientation, formal methods, concurrency, privacy, information security, language-based security, verification, programming languages
Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47 22856931 Research support, Research administration, PhD, Cristin, Forskningsrådet, ERC, Privacy, Research Ethics
Sengupta, Poushali Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92564187 privacy, security, network security, Machine Learning, energy informatics, Explainable AI