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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Vibeke Blaker Strand Strand, Vibeke Blaker Vice-Dean for Research +47 22842092 +47 90204160
Picture of Anne-Brit Strandset Strandset, Anne-Brit Senior Executive Officer +47 22859872
Picture of Ulf Stridbeck Stridbeck, Ulf Professor emeritus +47 22859405
Picture of Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde Sunde, Jørn Øyrehagen Professor +47 22859463 Legal History, Rule of Law, Law and Religion, Legal Method, Legislation
Picture of Tone Sverdrup Sverdrup, Tone Professor Emerita +47 - 22859781
Picture of Aslak Syse Syse, Aslak Professor emeritus +47-22859484
Picture of Anniken Sørlie Sørlie, Anniken Postdoktor
Saatchi, Zoha Shima Høegh-Omdal Head Engineer +47 22859458 Local IT support, IT services, User administration, Printing, AV services, Telephone services
Picture of Mahalet Tadesse Tadesse, Mahalet Vit. assistent
Picture of Sara Tesfai Tesfai, Sara Førstekonsulent +47 22859298
Thoresen, Kristin Førstekonsulent +47 22859778
Tobiassen, Tomas Midttun Stipendiat +47 22850245
Picture of Terje Tolleshaug Tolleshaug, Terje Head Engineer +47 40553371 +47 40553371 Maritime Law, Student administration
Picture of Tranvik Tommy Tommy, Tranvik Researcher +4722850099
Picture of Natalia Torres Zuniga Torres Zuniga, Natalia Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22842058 +4745279506
Picture of Olav Torvund Torvund, Olav Professor +4722850095
Picture of Luca Tosoni Tosoni, Luca Doctoral Research Fellow Rettsinformatikk
Tryti, Anja Research Assistant
Picture of Bård Sverre Tuseth Tuseth, Bård Sverre Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859494 Teaching, Library, EndNote
Picture of Mirjam Abigail Twigt Twigt, Mirjam Abigail Postdoctoral Fellow +3161483047 Refugees, Migration Rights, Ethnography, Digital Rights, Intersectionality, Prolonged Displacement, Post-humanitarianism
Picture of Gro Tømmereek Tømmereek, Gro Senior Executive Officer +47 22859841 Personnel administration, Recruitment
Picture of Aksel Tømte Tømte, Aksel Advisor + 62 0878 7709 5864 Indonesia, Human Rights, Freedom of Religion or Belief, Business and Human Rights, Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Forest Management in Indonesia, Transmigration
Picture of Amund Bjøranger Tørum Tørum, Amund Bjøranger Insurance Law, Maritime Law, Arbitration, Law of obligations and contracts Comparative Law, Legal history Construction law: Offshore and onshore construction, Shipbuilding, Infrastructure projects, Offshore wind farms PPP/PFI contracts, Joint Ventures, M&A, Mergers and Aquisitons Law, Contracts, Insurance law and reinsurance contracts, Petroleum law Arbitration law, Civil procedure
Picture of Synnøve Ugelvik Ugelvik, Synnøve Associate Professor On leave until June 2022 Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Sociology of Law, European Law, Constitutional Law, Legal theory
Picture of Thomas Ugelvik Ugelvik, Thomas Professor +47 22850218 905 35 036