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Picture of Johan Vorland Wibye Wibye, Johan Vorland PhD Candidate +47 22859464
Picture of Charlotte Hafstad Widerberg Widerberg, Charlotte Hafstad Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859687 COINS, National Security, EU
Picture of Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen Wilhelmsen, Trine-Lise Professor +47-22859615 +47-934 10 132 Shipping, Insurance law, Property and insurance, Tort law, Law and economics, Contracts and agreements, Martime law, Marine insurance, Transportation Law, International Relations, Nordic, Europe
Picture of Vebjørn Wold Wold, Vebjørn Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92297445
Picture of Øystein Wollan Wollan, Øystein Head Engineer +47 22842023 +47 46636140 IT services, Student IT
Picture of Geir Woxholth Woxholth, Geir Professor +47-22859766
Picture of Tone Linn Wærstad Wærstad, Tone Linn Professor +47 22850236
Picture of Per Jørgen Ystehede Ystehede, Per Jørgen Senior Adviser +47 22850131
Picture of Yong Zhou Zhou, Yong Postdoctoral Fellow +4740469604 International human rights law, China, Minority and indigenous peoples rights, Energy law, Environmental law, Law and sustainable development
Picture of Frederik Zimmer Zimmer, Frederik Professor emeritus +47 22859433 Brazil, South Africa, Global South
Picture of Caroline Anna Margret Zwingelstein Zwingelstein, Caroline Anna Margret Research Assistant Human Rights and Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, Sustainable Development Goals, Business and Human Rights, Nordic Journal of Human Rights
Picture of Gentian Zyberi Zyberi, Gentian Professor +47 22842086 Public International Law, International Courts and Tribunals, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, European Court of Human Rights, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Responsibility to Protect, Transitional Justice, Community Interests, Human Rights and Conflict.
Picture of Alain Zysset Zysset, Alain Senior Research Fellow in Legal Theory
Picture of Jo Ørjasæter Ørjasæter, Jo Lecturer
Picture of Inger Berg Ørstavik Ørstavik, Inger Berg Professor +47 22859539
Østbø, Margrethe Higher Executive Officer +47 22850222
Picture of Eirik Østerud Østerud, Eirik Professor +47 22859726
Picture of Mona Østvang Ådum Ådum, Mona Østvang Senior executive officer +47 22859786 +47 97727184 Research support, Web editor, Conferences, Safety representatives
Picture of Julie Viker Aanensen Aanensen, Julie Viker Adviser - International Department +47 45437354 Human Rights, Human Rights Education, UN Human Rights Mechanisms, UN, Universal Periodic Review, Islam, Middle East, freedom of religion or belief, Myanmar, Lebanon, Jordan, Rule of Law, Ukraine
Aarrestad, Thora Standal Research Assistant