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Picture of Sverre Blandhol Blandhol, Sverre Professor +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Ethics
Picture of Lukasz Bojarski Bojarski, Lukasz Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859644
Boshoff, Elsabe
Picture of Johan Boucht Boucht, Johan Professor dr.iur. +47-2285 9499 Criminal law, Contracts and agreements
Picture of Louisa Boulaziz Boulaziz, Louisa Research Assistant +47 22842080
Picture of Louis Boumans Boumans, Louis Adviser +47 22859685 45692408
Picture of Rose Elizabeth Boyle Boyle, Rose Elizabeth Doctoral Research Fellow + 47 92 33 11 61 Criminology and sociology of law, mental health, substance use, user perspectives, prison health
Picture of Emma Hynes Brandon Brandon, Emma Hynes Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859318 +47 41354397 Criminal law, Human Rights, authority
Picture of Solveig Brennsæter Brennsæter, Solveig Sekretær
Picture of Matthias Brinkmann Brinkmann, Matthias Postdoktor +47 22850232
Picture of Heather Broomfield Broomfield, Heather External PhD Research Fellow
Picture of Herman Bruserud Bruserud, Herman Associate Professor +47 22859705
Picture of Hans Christian Bugge Bugge, Hans Christian Professor emeritus +47 22850227
Picture of Hans Jacob Bull Bull, Hans Jacob Professor emeritus +47 / 22 85 97 50 +47 / 920 37 884 Maritime Law, Petroleum Law, Insurance Law, Marine Insurance, Nordic, Europe
Picture of Kirsti Strøm Bull Bull, Kirsti Strøm Professor Emerita +47-22859341
Picture of Nils A Butenschøn Butenschøn, Nils A Professor Emeritus +47 22842007 +47 90016143 Human Rights, Democracy, Middle East, State Formation
Picture of Lee Andrew Bygrave Bygrave, Lee Andrew Professor +47 22859339 China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Picture of Amanda Cellini Cellini, Amanda Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859441
Picture of Margrethe Buskerud Christoffersen Christoffersen, Margrethe Buskerud Professor +47-22859735 +47-91864768 Contract Law, Company Law, Prosessrett
Picture of Giuditta  Cordero-Moss Cordero-Moss, Giuditta Professor +47-22859737
Picture of Cathryn  Costello Costello, Cathryn Adjunct Professor
Picture of Jay Cullen Cullen, Jay Adjunct Research Professor
Picture of Peter Curos Curos, Peter Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859678
Picture of Dorina Damsa Damsa, Dorina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850134 Confinement, Punishment, Migration, Marginalization, Scandinavia
Picture of Peter Alexander Earls Davis Davis, Peter Alexander Earls Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859730