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Picture of Ole Kristian Fauchald Fauchald, Ole Kristian Professor +47-22850242
Picture of Ellen Filmberg Filmberg, Ellen Higher Executive Officer +47-22859371
Picture of Liv Finstad Finstad, Liv Professor Emeritus +47-22850118
Picture of Aled Dilwyn Fisher Fisher, Aled Dilwyn PhD Candidate Law, ecology, law and ecology
Picture of Beate Fiskerstrand Fiskerstrand, Beate Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859633 Comparative Law, Europe, Transport Law, Contract Law, Maritime Law, Tort Law
Picture of Susanne Hendrika Flølo Flølo, Susanne Hendrika Higher Executive Officer +47-22842039 +47 46611991 Human Rights and Sustainable Development, Business and Human Rights, UN Human Rights Mechanisms, Human Rights
Picture of Irina Fodchenko Fodchenko, Irina Petroleum Law, Maritime Law, Environmental Law, Russian Law, Russia, International Law
Folkow, Eva Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845842 +46 738 26 47 79 labour rights
Picture of Marit Fosse Fosse, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47-22850120 Research administration, Cristin, External funding, Research communikation, Web publishing
Picture of Katja Franko Franko, Katja Professor +47-22850127
Frantzen, Kjetil Kjørholt Head Engineer +47-22859444 +47-95041429 Local IT support, IT services, IT Purchasing, AV services, Printing, User administration, Telephone services, web
Picture of Guro Frostestad Frostestad, Guro Administrative Manager +47-22859457 External funding, Web editor, ePhorte, Research administration, Cristin
Picture of Hanna Furuseth Furuseth, Hanna Researcher +47-22859725
Picture of Andreas Føllesdal Føllesdal, Andreas Professor +47-99235002
Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas Professor II
Picture of Hedda Giertsen Giertsen, Hedda Professor Emeritus Nordic
Picture of Erlend Eriksen Gjein Gjein, Erlend Eriksen PhD Candidate +47 22859293 Corporate law, Comparative Law, corporate governance
Picture of Marianne Gjerstad Gjerstad, Marianne Administrative Manager +47-22856606 Personnel administration, Recruitment
Picture of Hans Petter Graver Graver, Hans Petter Professor +47-22859739 +47-90606085
Picture of Jenny Graver Graver, Jenny Adviser +47-22842051 External funding, Research support
Picture of Rosa Greaves Greaves, Rosa Professor II +47-22859550 +447860108195 EU Law, Europe, Transportation Law, Maritime Law
Picture of Anette Pernille Grønnerød-Hemmingby Grønnerød-Hemmingby, Anette Pernille
Gulichsen, Anne-Marie Research Assistant 22850245
Picture of Linda Gulli Gulli, Linda Senior executive officer +47 22 85 97 16
Picture of Helene Oppen Ingebrigtsen Gundhus Gundhus, Helene Oppen Ingebrigtsen Professor +47-22850119