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Picture of M Sanjeeb Hossain Hossain, M Sanjeeb Postdoctoral Fellow Public International Law, International Criminal Law, Refugee Law, Human Rights, Rohingya, Bangladesh
Picture of Marianne Jenum Hotvedt Hotvedt, Marianne Jenum Vice-Dean for studies +47-22859721 labour law
Hunsbedt, Christiane Researcher data protection
Picture of Lars Henrik Arvid Hvidsand Hvidsand, Lars Henrik Arvid Research Assistant
Picture of Alf Petter Høgberg Høgberg, Alf Petter Professor +47 22859487 +47 48102799
Picture of Benedikte Moltumyr Høgberg Høgberg, Benedikte Moltumyr Professor +47 22859450 +47 91548792
Picture of Sofie Alexandra Engli Høgestøl Høgestøl, Sofie Alexandra Engli Associate Professor +47 22859631
Picture of Cecilie Høigård Høigård, Cecilie Professor em.
Picture of Andreas Hösli Hösli, Andreas Guest researcher +47 480 97 239
Picture of Eirik Haakstad Haakstad, Eirik Assistant Director +47 22859331 +47 95701101
Picture of Ingunn Ikdahl Ikdahl, Ingunn Professor +47 228 50046 Non-discrimination, Equality, Women’s rights, Human rights, Human rights and development, Socio-economic rights, Law and development, International law, Welfare law, Social security
Picture of Harald Irgens-Jensen Irgens-Jensen, Harald Professor +47 22859357
Picture of Astrid Iversen Iversen, Astrid Guest researcher +47 480 97 239
Picture of Egil Stabell Jahren Jahren, Egil Stabell Senior Adviser +47 22850047 +47 97977122
Picture of Henning Jakhelln Jakhelln, Henning Professor emeritus
Picture of Maja Janmyr Janmyr, Maja Professor Refugee and Asylum Law, Human Rights, Public International Law, Migration, Sociology of Law
Picture of Arild Johan Jansen Jansen, Arild Johan +47 22850075
Picture of Markus Jerkø Jerkø, Markus Professor +47 22859334
Picture of Per Ole Johansen Johansen, Per Ole Professor em.
Picture of Stian Øby Johansen Johansen, Stian Øby Associate Professor – Centre for European Law (+47) 22 85 96 77 (+47) 934 622 03 EU, European Law, Public International Law, Human Rights, International Organisations
Picture of Jon Thorvald Johnsen Johnsen, Jon Thorvald Professor emeritus +47 22859424 +47 41471847 Legal Aid, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Law
Picture of Peris Sean Jones Jones, Peris Sean Professor +47 22842084 Human Rights, Human Rights and Sustainable Development
Picture of Jasna Jozelic Jozelic, Jasna Adviser +47 22842071 Reasearch and project management support, CRIStin, HR system, Competence development, Human Rights and Conflict, Human Rights and Religion.
Picture of Jorunn Kanestrøm Kanestrøm, Jorunn Senior Adviser +47 22850050 +47 98808769 Communication, Research communikation, Web editor, Web publishing, Press Contact, Photo, Media survey
Picture of Mareile Kaufmann Kaufmann, Mareile Professor +47 40048687