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Picture of Maja Janmyr Janmyr, Maja Professor Refugee and Asylum Law, Human Rights, Public International Law, Migration, Sociology of Law
Picture of Arild Johan Jansen Jansen, Arild Johan Lecturer +47 22850075
Picture of Markus Jerkø Jerkø, Markus Associate Professor +47 22859334
Picture of Per Ole Johansen Johansen, Per Ole Professor emeritus
Picture of Stian Øby Johansen Johansen, Stian Øby Associate Professor – Centre for European Law (+47) 22 85 96 77 (+47) 934 622 03 EU, European Law, Public International Law, Human Rights, International Organisations
Picture of Jon Thorvald Johnsen Johnsen, Jon Thorvald Professor emeritus +47 22859424 +47 41471847 Legal Aid, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Law
Picture of Nora Milch Johnsen Johnsen, Nora Milch Research Assistant +47 47649360
Picture of Peris Sean Jones Jones, Peris Sean Professor +47 22842084 Human Rights, Human Rights and Sustainable Development
Picture of Jasna Jozelic Jozelic, Jasna Adviser +47 22842071 Reasearch and project management support, CRIStin, HR system, Competence development, Human Rights and Conflict, Human Rights and Religion.
Picture of Jorunn Kanestrøm Kanestrøm, Jorunn Senior Adviser +47 22850050 +47 98808769 Communication, Research communikation, Web editor, Web publishing, Press Contact, Photo, Media survey
Picture of Mareile Kaufmann Kaufmann, Mareile Associate Professor +47 40048687
Picture of Kirsten Ketscher Ketscher, Kirsten Professor emerita +47-22850066
Picture of Anine Kierulf Kierulf, Anine Associate Professor +47 22859620
Picture of Morten Kjelland Kjelland, Morten Professor +47 22845902 +47 91682025
Picture of Teis Daniel Kjelling Kjelling, Teis Daniel Administrative head of department (+47)90085116 Adminstrative management, Organizational development, Financial management, Budget, Human resources management, Human Rights
Picture of Marte Eidsand Kjørven Kjørven, Marte Eidsand Professor +47 22859328
Picture of Fredrikke Holt Kleivane Kleivane, Fredrikke Holt Higher Executive Officer +47 22850021 Information Centre, Study information
Picture of Eli Knotten Knotten, Eli Head of Office +47 22859731 +47 95222354
Picture of Asbjørn Korsbakken Korsbakken, Asbjørn Stipendiat +47 22850081 +47 97136689
Picture of Ørnulf Kristiansen Kristiansen, Ørnulf Senior Executive Officer +47 -22859706 +47 -46952216 Research administration
Picture of Bente Lindberg Kraabøl Kraabøl, Bente Lindberg Head of Office (+47) 22 85 95 29 (+47) 47 02 69 02 Research administration, Research support, Budget, Contracts and agreements, External funding
Picture of Cathrine Kullgreen Kullgreen, Cathrine Higher Executive Officer +47 22842001 +47 41255879 Web Editor, Human Rights, Conferences, Events
Picture of Nertila Kuraj Kuraj, Nertila Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 - 22850240 synthetic biology, nanotechnology, chemicals regulation, REACH, Environmental Law, Food Law, risk
Picture of Gisle Kvanvig Kvanvig, Gisle Prosjektleder +47 22842088 +47 982 34 681 Vietnam, Human Rights, Souteast Asia, ASEAN
Picture of Knut Kaasen Kaasen, Knut +47 22859773 Petroleum Law, Property and Bankruptcy law, Energy, Contract Law