Scientific goals

The Company Law Group’s three horizontal scientific goals for 2017-2021 are methodological development; regulatory development; contributing to sustainability.

Methodological development

The Group employs both established approaches and methods for legal analysis and develops new interdisciplinary methodologies for analysing the regulation of business, markets, the relevant actors, their interests and their behaviour. This includes interaction and conflict between legal and social norms and institutions. We contribute to developing further methods within legal theory, law and social theory, law and economics, and comparative methods. We will also develop further an integrated interdisciplinary methodology denoted ‘regulatory ecology’, encompassing four regulatory modalities (law, social norms, markets, and the physical world as a regulatory modality), as well as research methods that integrate natural science insights in legal and interdisciplinary analyses.

Regulatory development

We will through our research contribute to developing the law in our areas on the national, European and international level. Our perspectives encompass the law relevant for companies as business entities and as objects of public policy. Our aim is a deeper understanding of the law and its role in shaping markets and companies and their interaction with economic, social and environmental sustainability. This includes studies of the development towards more standards and guidelines instead of nationally adopted legislation, and interaction and conflict between these forms of regulation. We encourage studies of select regulation and comparative analyses across legal disciplines, across jurisdictions and across levels and forms of regulations.

Sustainable companies and markets

Our third area of priority is to through our research to contribute to identifying barriers and possibilities for sustainability, defined as securing the social foundation for humanity within planetary boundaries. This builds on a deeper understanding of the impact of business and markets on the economy, including financial stability and economic sustainability; on society, including sustainable creation of value; and on the environment, including the critical limits identified in the planetary boundaries. We will through our work aim to facilitate dialogue with involved societal actors so that barriers are transcended and possibilities strengthened for sustainable companies and markets.

Published Jan. 4, 2017 3:20 PM - Last modified June 22, 2020 10:03 AM