From watchdogs towards boards with long-term business sense

Presentation by PhD candidate Aino Asplund, University of Turku.

This event is open for everyone, including students.

My doctoral thesis will concern corporate governance and its regulatory challenges, which I will study in four articles. The main idea of my thesis is to discuss the purpose of the company. I am currently writing an article about board’s independence, which I would like to present in the lunch seminar. The article discusses whether independence requirements, as an embodiment of agency theory, should be questioned as they emphasize majority independent boards and may therefore alienate directors from promoting company’s long-term interest as boards concentrate on monitoring shareholder value instead of developing corporate strategy. I scrutinize whether stakeholder oriented corporate governance could provide an alternative to the discussion on board’s role in the company and therefore directors’ independency. I am interested in scrutinizing the question in relation to executives, majority shareholders and employees.    

Aino is a visiting researcher at Department of Private Law.


Coffee, tea and fresh fruit will be served.
You may bring your lunch packet!

Published Sep. 2, 2015 3:29 PM - Last modified Apr. 25, 2016 3:58 PM