Daughters of Themis: International Network of Female Business Scholars - Workshop 2015

This workshop will be preceded by a conference in Thessaloniki 2 June 2015 on the topic of Stimulating Business in a Europe in Crisis: Evolving Trends and the Case of Greece. While the conference is open for all, participation at the workshop is by invitation only for members of Daughters of Themis: International Network of Female Business Scholars. The aim is for the workshop to be informal, inspiring and innovative, so that we return home with new energy and fresh ideas. This workshop will be the first of an annual series of workshops for the network.

Call for papers for the workshop

We encourage current and new members of Daughters of Themis to submit their ideas for papers to be presented at the workshop.

Possible topics include:

  • Topics following up on the conference concept of stimulating business in a time of crisis, exploring the reshaping regulation to meet the needs of the today’s circumstances and for the benefit of societal problems that Europe is facing. Gender diversity could be one of those issues.
  • Topics in the interface of business law and feminist theory, or springing from theories within economics, political philosophy or sociology.
  • Empirical studies on the position and impact of women in business.
  • Contributions can also be more specifically on being a female business scholar. Questions of interest include: Do female scholars bring other values into traditionally male-dominated areas of business law and other economically important disciplines? If so, what are these other values? What are the consequences for research and teaching?

Registration and other practical issues

Indication of interest to present a paper – or comment on a paper – at the workshop, should be submitted by 20 February 2015. Notification of acceptance will be given by 1 March 2015 at the latest.

Please note that the network has no funds to cover travel and accommodation for this year’s workshop.

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