Corporate Governance for a Changing World - Global Roundtable Series - Oslo

The University of Oslo and Frank Bold are hosting a roundtable event on the purpose of the corporation and the future of corporate governance.

By invitation only (see information below)


14:45 Registration and welcome

15:00 Keynote speech by Idar Kreutzer, head of Finance Norway

15:30 Analysis of corporate governance developments in the EU and remaining challenges by Prof. Beate Sjåfjell (University of Oslo)

16:00 Presentation of the book on Nordic corporate governance by Dr. Markus Kallifatides (Stockholm School of Economics)

16:45 Plenary discussion

17:15 Break

17:30 Presentation of results from plenary discussion by Prof. Jukka Mähönen (University of Oslo)

17:45 Closing remarks by Paige Morrow (Frank Bold) 

18:00 Casual drinks reception


Consensus has begun to emerge that companies should focus on creating long-term sustainable value but there is little agreement on how to define, measure or attain this objective. Following the recommendations of corporate governance codes is no guarantee of a well-functioning company. Additionally, Norwegian state owned enterprises have confronted challenges in their overseas operations, including corruption and environmental sustainability, that have raised questions about the role of the board in exercising proper oversight.

The following questions will frame the discussion at the Oslo roundtable

  • How can sound corporate governance foster long-term focus and sustainable behaviour?
  • What incentives for short-termism exist in law and the Code of Practice for Corporate Governance?
  • How can board-level responsibility be promoted within Norwegian state owned enterprises?


As it is an invitation-only event, if you wish to join us for this important dialogue, please send an email to

About the organiser

Frank Bold is a purpose driven law firm using the power of business and non-profit approaches to solve social and environmental problems. It leads the Purpose of the Corporation Project, a strategic and open-source platform for leading thinkers and organisations interested in promoting the long-term health and sustainability of companies to share their knowledge and foster multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The event will be held in partnership with the University of Oslo as part of a series of roundtables held at major business centres around the world, including London, New York, Zurich, Breukelen, Paris, and will conclude in a high-level conference in Brussels on September 28. 

For more information about the global roundtable series and to consult emerging conclusions of previous events, please see here


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