Financial Transparency, Risks and Regulations

The deregulation of the financial markets in the 1980s and 1990s have challenged many of our perceptions about the interconnectedness of investments, corporate control and the influence of the relevant market actors. This conference address one of the key questions that has sprung out from the deregulation, namely how we can ensure financial transparency, delimit systemic risks and foster efficient regulation.

Understanding the Use and Abuse of Derivatives

Derivatives have shown to play a crucial role in several corporate scandals. Derivatives therefore are an interesting lens through which to discuss the constant struggle of regulation to keep up with an ever changing financial landscape. Security regulation traditionally rest on a perception of more or less standardized financial instruments. However, derivatives have enabled a splitting effect of the before interconnected rights and risks connected to e.g. shares. This challenges some of our core corporate law principles by enabling undisclosed and unknown beneficial shareowners in the corporate sphere.

We have invited scholars at the cutting edge of these challenges in the financial transparency debate, in order to discuss a potential way forward in Europe and in the US. Amongst confirmed speakers are:

  • Professor Henry Hu, a leading US scholar in the field of security regulation, who has published extensively on innovative subjects, amongst others the understanding of derivatives.
  • Professor Georg Ringe, a leading EU scholar in the field of security regulation, and the author of the book The Deconstruction of Equity published with Oxford University Press, 2016.
  • Professor Dirk Zetzsche, a leading EU scholar in the field on undisclosed ownership and the recognition of beneficial owners.
  • Assistant Professor Gudrun Johnsen, author of the book Bringing down the banking system. Lessons from Iceland, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.


Seminar room "Kjerka", Karl Johans gt. 47. the midle building, Domus Media, at the Faculty of Law.

Entrance from the Canteen (left side of the building). Elevator/stairs to 1st floor.

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