Interconnectivity between EU business and financial market law and its role for sustainable development

Presentation by Hanna Ahlström, PhD Candidate, SMART Project, Department of Private Law.

Hanna will present some results from the draft paper that will outline the base of her first chapter of my PhD thesis. She will present her mapping and network analysis of legal instruments part of the EU business and financial market regimes and a ‘hot-spot’ analysis where she have identified current policy areas and initiatives on-going in the EU. She will especially focus on those policy areas and initiatives that have potential for creating synergies in the EU workings towards greater policy coherence and progress in terms of sustainability impact. She will also talk briefly about current momentum and political will behind certain initiatives and hence have even greater potential and are likely to be relevant for further positive development.


Coffee, tea and fresh fruit will be served.
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Published Sep. 12, 2017 9:13 AM - Last modified Sep. 22, 2017 2:09 PM