Unprecedented trajectories and new paradigms: What is the value of legitimacy in today's and future businesses?

Kasper Holter Johns  will present ideas for his master thesis.

The lunch seminar will be held through Zoom and is open for all. If you would like to participate, please contact Beate Sjåfjell to get the Zoom link. 

About the topic

The challenges and opportunities we face with globalisation, digitalisation and sustainability is increasingly gaining awareness amongst the general public. As separate events, they each bring their unprecedented business models and social outcomes. As interconnected events, they mark a paradigm shift in our perception of the world.

Unprecedented trajectories and new paradigms pose a challenge for informed legislation that keeps up with the pace of new business models that thrive in both new and old markets. How can we know businesses do not act to the detriment of society when the modalities of regulation falters? With fast-paced developments in all sectors, what are the marks of a legitimate business model?

The Futuring Nordics project aims to address the challenges of globalisation, digitalisation and sustainability to Nordic businesses. In writing a master thesis as part of Futuring Nordics, Kasper Johns wishes to explore the aspect of legitimacy as it pertains to businesses in the Nordics. Relevant areas to explore could be to what degree legislation handles future and unprecedented events; the purpose and object behind company law; the importance of the markers of legitimacy – such as trust – to a company and its stakeholders.

Everyone is very welcome for a brief discussion on these ideas.

Published June 10, 2020 1:33 PM - Last modified June 10, 2020 1:47 PM