PhD seminar on Companies and Markets 2020

The topic of this year’s PhD seminar is "Nordic Company Law: Expanding the Horizon".

Because of the Covid-19 situation the seminar will be held via Zoom only. Link will be sent out to all participants.

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Photo by Martin Klausen on Unsplash


The overall theme for the PhD Seminar 2020 will be Nordic company law in a broad sense, and we look forward to a wonderful combination of lectures by senior scholars and presentations by PhD candidates.

The seminar covers important theoretical issues for PhD candidates and includes discussions of recent developments and topical issues on the EU level as well as in the Nordic countries. With high quality academic lectures, the seminar is relevant also for senior scholars.

We welcome PhD candidates and senior scholars from the Nordic countries as well as from other countries. Students and practitioners are welcome to participate to the extent that there is room.

The seminar gives PhD candidates the possibility of presenting their topics amongst a dedicated group of scholars. For those interested, there is also an option of signing up for essay writing, with follow-up after the seminar.

Published June 5, 2020 1:42 PM - Last modified Oct. 6, 2020 10:26 AM