Participants in Companies, Markets and Sustainability

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Beate Sjåfjell Professor (Sabbatical at UC Berkeley 2018-2019) +47-22859381 +47-95931283 (mob) China, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Nordic, Global South
Jukka Mähönen Professor +47 22 85 95 34 +47 949 83 275 Company Law, securities law, accounting law, auditing law, Law and economics, European Law
Mads Andenas Professor of Law +47 22859382 46624550 (mob) +4746624550
Alla Pozdnakova Professor +47 228 59643 41775813 (mob) +47 417 75 813 Law of the sea, International Law, Space law, EEA and EU Law, Comparative Law
Frederik Zimmer Professor emeritus +47 22859433 Brazil, South Africa, Global South
Malcolm Langford Professor +47-22842031 +47 9770 3339 (mob) Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology
Anna Maria C. Lundberg Associate Professor +47-22842014 China
Maja Van Der Velden Associate Professor +47-22852816 human rights, ethics, Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), sustainability, gender, participatory design, recycling, regulation, repair, critical design, sustainable technology, circular economy
Marte Eidsand Kjørven Associate Professor +47-22859328
Jon Christian F. Nordrum Associate Professor +47 22859419 +47 97089580 (mob)
Mark Taylor Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859732 Company Law, regulation, strategic litigation, Public International Law
Hanna Christina Ahlström Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859302 Company Law, European Law, Sustainable development, International Environmental Law, International Financial Law
Linn Cecilie Anker-Sørensen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859324
Daniel Arnesson Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859741 98065238 (mob) +47 980 65 238 environmental law, development, Energy Law, comparative Law, South Africa, Nordic, international Law, India
Yuliya Chernykh Doctoral Research Fellow 41287275 (mob) International investment law, international trade
Sjur Swensen Ellingsæter Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859290
Erlend Eriksen Gjein Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859298 Comparative Law, corporate governance, Corporate law
Trude Myklebust Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859815
Caroline Bang Stordrange PhD Candidate - Maternity leave +47 22859678
Ludovica Chiussi Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842068
Astrid Iversen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859764 Administrative Law, International investment law, International Law
Eléonore Maitre-Ekern Research fellow +47 22850185
Maïmouna Lise Pouye Rabatel-Fernel Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859411 ICL, Development, LOAC, Business and Human Rights, IHL, International Security, Natural Resource Management
Luca Tosoni Doctoral Research Fellow Rettsinformatikk
Tina Meuche Bjørnerud Student
Andrea Dahlum
Mona Østvang Ådum Senior executive officer +47 22 85 97 86 +47 97 72 71 84 (mob) Research support, Financial management, Web editor, Conferences
Linda Gulli Senior executive officer +47 22 85 97 16
Ørnulf Kristiansen Higher Executive Officer +47-22859706 46952216 (mob) +47-46952216 Research administration
Lars Soligard
Eli Rudshagen Research Adviser +47 91632887 (mob) Research administration, Research support, External funding