Daughters of Themis Workshop 2016

In 2015, Daughters of Themis organised its first and highly successful workshop in Greece. In 2016, a lovely guesthouse on the island of Kea in Greece was selected as the venue, with the workshop proceedings held from Monday 30 May through Friday 3 June and with social events on Saturday 4 June, before closing of the workshop and return back home on Sunday 5 June. Also the 2016 workshop was a great success, as this report illustrates.

Papers from the 2016 workshop will be included in an edited volume, with Beate Sjåfjell and Irene Lynch-Fannon as editors.

Papers from the 2015 workshop are forthcoming in a special issue of the International and Comparative Corporate Journal, edited by Beate Sjåfjell and Roseanne Russell.  

Call for papers

The call for papers on the topic of Corporate Sustainability and Gender opens up for a variety of contributions from different perspectives, including but not limited to legal, economic and sociological. Our aim is a deeper understanding of whether and how gender is significant to corporate sustainability, as a gender equality goal and/or as means to ensuring sustainability. Read the full call for papers here. Abstracts should be submitted by 15 January 2016 through this webform, and response will be given by 30 January. We will expect draft papers by those selected by 10 May 2016, to facilitate an in-depth discussion at the workshop. We plan a high-level publication based on papers presented at the workshop.

Registration for the workshop

Participation at the workshop is as a starting point limited to members of the network whose papers are selected for presentation, while we may exceptionally be open for participation by additional members as prepared commentators and for other female scholars invited as speakers. For organisational reasons, we would appreciate if preliminary registration for the workshop by potential presenters is done already now. We have set a limit of 15 participants and we are prepared to operate with a waiting list if there are more eligible participants. The final selection of participants will be based on an assessments of the abstracts submitted as response to the call for papers here.

We encourage the selected presenters to participate during the whole workshop, based on the very positive experience from the 2015 workshop. Please be advised that we are not at this point able to offer to cover funds for travel and accommodation for the workshop. However, we have also for the 2016 workshop managed to negotiate an advantageous deal for the accommodation, in a harmonious and inspiring setting, and we will set a low registration fee for the workshop that will cover meals and refreshments. Detailed information about this has been sent out to the network. New members and other interested scholars may contact Beate Sjåfjell for more information. Please register for the workshop through this webform.

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