Sustainable Market Actors Network

Sustainable Market Actors is a global research network involving scholars from universities all over the world, wishing to contribute to research that will promote global sustainable development within a sustainable circular economy compatible with the planetary boundaries and in line with the international development goals.

The Sustainable Market Actors Network was developed through the Sustainable Companies Project (2010-2014), which has had as its aim to find out how to integrate the overarching goal of sustainable development and especially its environmental dimension in the decision-making in companies. The Sustainable Companies Project has undertaken extensive, comparative analysis of the barriers to and possibilities for environmentally sustainable companies in company law and has identified a number of barriers and suggested possible ways forward.

The project Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART) builds on the results of the Sustainable Companies Project and takes this further, with the crucial support of the scholars of the Sustainable Market Actors Network.

SMART has as its overarching objective to do research that will serve to promote global, sustainable development within a circular, low-emission economy compatible with the planetary boundaries and in line with the international development goals. The thematic scope of SMART encompasses products originating wholly or in part in developing countries and sold by businesses in the EU to consumers and procurers in the EU. We will do multilevel, interdisciplinary and international research on barriers and possibilities for contributions to sustainability in the private sector: business, investors and consumers, as well as in the public sector in its many roles as market actor. SMART is funded by the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020, under the programme INT-4-2015 ‘Europe as a Global Actor: in search of greater policy coherence for development’.

The project will run for four years from 1 March 2016, and is coordinated by Beate Sjåfjell

The continued support of the Sustainable Market Actors Network is vital to the success of SMART, and especially for the multilevel, interdisciplinary and polycentric mapping and analysis that SMART will undertake in its overarching Research Work Package: Regulatory Dynamics for Sustainability. Through a series of SMART events, we seek to engage members of our network and other interested scholars. 

Scholars interested in becoming members of the Sustainable Market Actors Network, and possible contributing actively to the SMART project and potential future projects, may register their interest through this web form.


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Published Apr. 15, 2015 12:18 PM - Last modified May 8, 2017 9:49 AM