The Corporation as Technology - Re-Calibrating Corporate Governance for a Sustainable Future

By Christopher M. Bruner, University of Georgia.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2022.

coverExamines dynamics of the corporate form and corporate law that incentivize harmful excesses, and presents an alternative vision to render corporate activities more sustainable.

Offers a unique perspective by challenging the idea of corporations by presenting them as a dynamic legal technology that policymakers can re-calibrate in response to changing landscapes.

Explores how the corporate form can secure a more sustainable future through differing approaches to the structure and operations of the board, the allocation of governance powers among various stakeholders, and exposure to liability for corporate decision-making.


Christopher M. Bruner is the Stembler Family Distinguished Professor in Business Law at the University of Georgia School of Law. His scholarship focuses on corporate law, corporate governance, comparative law, and sustainability, and he has written several books on these topics. He received his A.B., M.Phil., and J.D. from the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and Harvard Law School, respectively.

ISBN: 9780197635179

More information about the volume is available on the website of Oxford University Press. 

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