Francesco Cuccu

About Francesco Cuccu

Francesco Cuccu is assistant professor at the University of Sassari – Faculty of Law, where he is responsible for the  academic courses in Commercial Law and Intellectual Property Law. At present he is also member of the teaching staff (subject: Commercial law) of the School for Specialization in Legal Professions of the University of Sassari; member of the teaching staff of the Ph.D School in Law of the University of Sassari; member of the teaching staff of the Master’s degree in Culture and Art Law and Economics of the University of Sassari; member of the Scientific Committee of the Culture and Art Law and Economics Observatory.

He is also in charge for the organization of didactics of a master's degree in law and economics for culture and art.

His studies mainly concerned corporate law topics. Among the various topics studied can be mentioned his monographic study (edited in 2011) about internal control systems in listed companies, and various essays on different topics such as Italian corporate governance code, public owned companies, limited liability companies, the transfer of the company's seat and gender quotas in management boards.

The purpose for his stay at UiO

At present, his research interests include the remuneration of the directors of the company, the imposition of gender quotas in Company boards, and, especially, corporate governance codes. It is his desire to spend a period of research or teaching abroad. That would be very important for his training program and growth as a teacher and researcher. The visit  would be a fundamental moment of confrontation with other universities and other teachers, and therefore a unique and exceptional opportunity for cultural and professional enrichment.


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