Purpose of the stay

Special field/ Research Interest

Maarouf is interested in research which contributes to deeper understanding of public management and governance in different contexts. This includes fighting corruption, conflict of interest, enhancement of rules, decentralization, good governance, decision making, change management and reforms, corporate social responsibility as well as other related topics. This helps to understand human behavior which is often characterized by deviations from perfect rationality and influenced by numerous factors that cloud the researcher’s view of underlying causalities.

Geographic exposure

Middle East, Europe, North Africa

Research Project

The Norwegian Code of Conduct for Norwegian public sector employees includes situations dealing with Conflict Of Interest (COI), for instance whether or not public sector employee can accept gifts and general conduct related to these situations. However, the Norwegian Code of Conduct does not provide a clear and precise definition of the boundaries of the phenomenon consequently leaving the door open for the individual’s jurisprudence to recognize COI situations.

The aim of this research is to answer the following research questions: How much is known about the meaning of COI by public sector employees in Norway? Do public sector employees share the same COI definition? And, do they know the difference between COI and corruption?

The results are extremely important in order to identify what are the reasons behind the low level of corruption in Norway, is it because of knowledge or ethical culture and how to institutionalize this knowledge or culture to avoid future deterioration towards more hidden corrupted environment

The results/data will be compared with those related to a previous field research undertaken in Iraq which is considered as a highly corrupted country based on Transparency International’s CPI reports and Italy which is ranked at the middle list of corrupted countries in the world.

The comparison will identify the “The Relationship between the Perception of Conflict of Interest and the Level of Corruption in Public Sector”.

This work will contribute to SDGs Goal 16 to “promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels “ and European Commission Horizon 2020 in terms of fighting corruption.

Background etc.

During his stay at the Department of private law, Maarouf will for the most part be working on data Collections.

In parallel, he will be contacting research centres, specialised agencies and international organizations to seek their support in terms of resources, logistics and access to data to ensure efficient implementation of the Research.

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