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Constitutional Law and Rights

This research group is concerned with Norwegian constitutional law in context, and examines the interaction between national and international development trends in light of constitutional theory and practice.

The Norwegian Constitution

The Norwegian Constitution. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / National Library of Norway (excerpt)

About the research

Research activities relate to the development, interpretation and influence of Norwegian constitutional law, including the legal and social role of the Constitution.

The research aims to strengthen existing and establish new doctrinal projects in the areas where the Constitution has undergone recent reform, including the significantly expanded bill of rights. These reforms are studied in the light of international human rights and constitutional rules that have not been subject to change.

The research group also seeks to advance empirical scholarship on the Norwegian constitution, including research on how different state authorities exercise their power and implement their differentiated duties in the Constitution.

The research group will also work on international constitutional theories and philosophy of law perspectives. The purpose is to interrogate national trends in light of constitutional theory both national, Scandinavian and international. The aim is to establish and further develop existing research linking constitutional theories to the Norwegian Constitution.

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