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Constitutional Studies

Constitutional law is about the fundamental legal norms on the state and its activities – the different state organs and their mutual relationship, towards the private sector and towards the surrounding World. The most important questions raised by the discipline of constitutional law are common to all modern states. But the answers vary.

Janusansiktet skal symbolisere konstitusjonens to ansikter: Den gir det rettslige grunnlaget for politisk handling. Den begrenser statsmaktenes handlefrihet - så lenge grunnloven ikke selv blir endret.

Presentation of the research area

The Research Group for Constitutional Studies aims at studying the constitutional law of Norway not only in its historical and political context, but even in a comparative perspective, that is in the light of the constitutions of other countries and of some fundamental ideological criteria for constitutional government. This leads to a focus on central subjects such as administrative law, welfare law, and philosophy of law.

An even better understanding of many issues is achieved in collaboration with researchers with shared interests in the field, active in disciplines like political science and history. ”Constitutional democracy” is a core common notion. The group cooperates with other researchers which have interests in constitutional studies, both in Norway and abroad, especially in Europe.

The Research Group for  was founded in February 2006, and is currently one of eight research groups at The Faculty of Law in Oslo.


A full presentation of the research area is given on our Norwegian site.

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