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Contract Law

This research group was established in January 2012 at the Faculty of Law by researchers interested in law of contracts in an international perspective.


About the group

The goal of the research group is to rethink questions related to contract law in an international perspective:

  • Based on international development in the field, analyze Norwegian law of contracts in order to see which impulses may be imported to Norway
  • Find out which impulses from Norwegian and Nordic tradition in contract law that may have international influence


The group gathered researchers from Norway and abroad for a seminar in June 2012 in order to establish further research projects and partners.  The theme for the workshop was: Flexibility and risk allocation in long term contracts – an international perspective. For more information, go to the page Events.


The research group will cooperate on three levels:  With academics internationally, with other research groups at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, and with lawyers practicing in the field.

An important partner for research cooperation is the project Arbitration and Party Autonomy (APA), having for main purpose to assess the limits of the choice of law made by the parties in their contract.

The research group’s main web page is for the time being in Norwegian. Here you will also find more on cooperation (samarbeid), participants, programmes of study and courses.

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