Participants in Contract Law

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Giuditta Cordero-Moss Professor +47-22859737
Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen Professor +47-22859615 +47-934 10 132 (mob) Shipping, Insurance law, Property and insurance, Tort law, Law and economics, Contracts and agreements, Martime law, Marine insurance, Transportation Law, International Relations, Nordic, Europe
Ivar Alvik Professor +47-22859437 Administrative law, International investment law, Arbitration, International Law, Petroleum Law, Contract law
Hans Jacob Bull Professor Emeritus +47-22859751 +47-92037884 (mob)
Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, Dr. Jur. + 358 9 19123389 Maritime Law, Contract Law, Transportation Law, Commercial agency, Nordic, Europe
Knut Kaasen Professor +47-22859773 Petroleum Law, Energy, Property and Bankruptcy law, Contract Law
Ola Mestad Head of Department +47-22859376 European Law, Head of Institute, Nordic, Europe
Trond Solvang Professor +47-22859672 +47-94261969 (mob) Maritime Law, Legal method, Tort Law, Nordic, Contract Law
Vibe Ulfbeck
Mads Andenas Professor of Law +47 22859382 46624550 (mob) +4746624550
Kåre Lilleholt Professor +47 9971 5468 +4799715468 (mob)
Marte Eidsand Kjørven Associate Professor +47-22859328
Alf Petter Høgberg Professor +47-22859487 +47-48102799 (mob)
Herman Bruserud Associate Professor +47-22859705
Erik Røsæg Professor +47-22859752 +47-48002979 (mob) Legitimacy of International Courts, Third Party Interests in Private Law, Maritime Law, Law of the Sea
Sverre Blandhol Professor +47-22850215 +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Ethics
Beate Fiskerstrand +47-22859633 Comparative Law, Europe, Transport Law, Contract Law, Maritime Law, Tort Law
Georg Scheel Guest researcher +47-22859682 91535602 (mob) +47 91535602