Right to Solidarity Zoom Webinar 20-21 May 2021

Research Group on Human Rights, Armed Conflict, and the Law of Peace and Security, Department of Public & International Law, University of Oslo, Norway are hosting the webinar. Organizer: Cecilia Bailliet.

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Photo illustration: Tyler Nix, Unsplash

The evolution of human rights is entering a new phase in which third generation rights, including the right to peace, the right to development, the right to a healthy environment are encompassed within the right to solidarity. Seeking to strengthen transnational cooperation to address global challenges including migration, climate change, armed conflict, economic inequity, and the current COVID 19 pandemic, articulation of a Declaration on the Right to Solidarity requires contemplation on its normative scope, mode of compliance, and institutional framework. 

This Zoom webinar brings together scholars to analyze the draft declaration and identify its added value and normative clarity, as well as potential gaps or inconsistencies requiring correction. Furthermore, papers addressing substantive international law themes will be discussed and published as anthology thereafter. 


The Draft Declaration on the Right to Solidarity    

The Nordic Declaration on Solidarity



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