AVLYST/CANCELLED: Book launch: Environmental Change, Forced Displacement and International Law

Avlyst for å forebygge koronasmitte.

Every year, millions of people are forced to leave their homes and become displaced. Climate change and natural hazard-related disasters are understood to play a crucial part in this events. This fresh research by Isabel Borges, explores the increasing concern over the extent to which those suffering from forced cross-border displacement as a result of environmental change, are protected under international human rights law.

South America flooding in 2017 preceded by drought-like conditions in the whole region and a strong warming of sea temperatures. Photo: Wikipedia commons

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"Legal protection gap"

The cross-border displaced people not formally entitled to admission or stay in a third state country, a situation that has been identified as as international "legal protection gap". 
The study seeks to provide answers to two basic questions: whether and to what extent existing international law protects cross-border environmental displacement, and whether and how existing formalized regional complementary protection standards can interpretively solidify and conceptualize protection for cross-border environmental displacement. 

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Listed among the best human rights books

This timely research is now published by the prestigious publisher Routledge and the full title is: Environmental Change, Forced Dicplacement and International Law from legal protection gaps to protection solutions. After being listed as one of best human rights law book in 2019 Borges work and book have recently been recognized as one of the 75 best Human Rights book of all time by Book Authority.




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